Port McNeill to Bull Harbor and… a fish – a fish – a fish!

So if you add it all up… Canadian License $125, Tackle, lures, pole holders, net…  $180, (had to have pole holders or could not catch fish from sailing vessel – honest honey!)… More weights, spinning things, colorful things, hooks things, things to get the bait thing deep enough, etc.   $55.  Total – $360 ish  for 4 rock fish and a SALMON!  a fish – a fish – a fish! I do hope to catch another SALMON around Tofino the next few days while waiting for the winds to “correct themselves”  as Jessica says!  Something about “not sailing up hill from Canada to California”. We left Port McNeill to get to Bull Harbor over a couple days.  Then off to the south from Bull Harbor to poke into Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island to see the hot springs and maybe fish?  On the way from just south of Port Hardy where we anchored last right across the channel from Port Hardy, hooked a 5 pound salmon, cleaned it and ate about a quarter or it for supper that day,  grilled the rest and we are eating salmon for breakfast, lunch, and supper! The plan is, of course, to sail down the coast with following winds and fair seas or is it fair winds and following seas?    Out of Bull harbor it’s about 20 nm to the turn around Cape Scott to head SOUTH down the west coast of Vancouver Island…  We sailed about half the way, lost the winds and got into the chop at the Cape.  Motored about a third the way.   Then picked up beautiful north winds and let her run “downhill”  till the afternoon when we put reef in at around 20 knots, sailed all night most of it in the 25-30 knot winds right on our tail, nice!  Winds died in the early morning and clocked from 33o deg T around to the 90 deg T (easterlies) and then throughout the day all the way round to around 140 deg T. So we beat our way down most of the day, motored the last couple hours and pulled in for the night in Friendly Harbor, about 30 nm north of Tofino.

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One Response to Port McNeill to Bull Harbor and… a fish – a fish – a fish!

  1. Lisa Trudel-Morano says:

    Hola Amigos,

    Wow you had quite an expensive Canadian License…. Afterward, maybe you want to frame it, so you’ll remembered all the “Canadian taxes.” At least, you got a nice sunset with rock fish ( can you eat those?)’ a huge salmon, and lots of freaking weird winds and seas.

    There is something that I don’t get…probably due to my English level. You guys are sailing down,meaning south. If the wind is coming from the south, that will come at the bow of Hajime, right? Therefore you will be beating or even close haul, right? I am confused, just like your confused seas and winds, because you said that you had a south wind, which made Hajime running (point of sail or an expression?) giving some peace and nice time.

    Ah well, for now, let me wish you both a more pleasant sail and get your butt here 😉
    Today, I will try to take Sjoriden out!!!! My little piece of adventure 🙂
    Stay safe and please wait for the wind and sea to correct themselves 😉

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