Gegg-fest 2014!

We met Colin and Wendy Gegg in Mazatlan last summer.  We all had a lovely first get together at Mr. Leones at Playa Bruja in Cerretos, north of Mazatlan. So in recognition of their fantastic accomplishment of making it to the Marquesas after leaving PV of the Pacific Puddle Jump, we thought it a good idea to return to Playa Bruja and toast their success ie. Gegg-fest 2014!  Find them bloggin’ and spottin’ at:   (password is “PuddleJump”)

Happy crossing Shellbacks from us lowly Pollywogs!  We toast you with the best mango margaritas we could find:


Where the music plays all day: DSCN0097_1024x768 DSCN0109_1024x768


Que la via bien!


On the way back to El Faro, the boat, from Playa Bruja the bus got in a wreck when a motorcycle tried to pass on the left during the buss left hand turn!  Jess did the immobilization of the boys head/neck until the ambulance arrived:  Jess is the one in the purple/blue top on her knees in the street keeping the boy from moving his head/neck.  Probably a broken leg, maybe head and neck injury, in and out of consciousness for the 15 minute wait for the ambulance…

DSCN0112_1024x768 DSCN0114_1024x768 DSCN0116_1024x768 DSCN0117_1024x768



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