What you doin…

All kinds of techie stuff going on the prior blog, but though I would update with what we been up to other than techie stuff.

We arrived this year in Puerto Vallarta and took a bus up to Mazatlan where the boat rested for the summer months.  PV because the plane tickets were pretty very cheap.  Bus is a 8 to 9 hour ride and usually gets you in around 8:00 PM so we took a hotel for one night.

Came over to the boat and moved aboard the next day.  Opened the boat and readied her for departure south.  We left Mazatlan just before Hurricane Sandra kicked up.  We got down to Isla Isabella.  Jim got a rash kind of breakout around his middle that turned out to be shingles.  We ran back to Mazatlan and waited out the storm and the treatment medication.  We saw a Medical Doctor at Marina El Cid for prescriptions…

Left again and ran down to San Blas / Mantanchen Bay then down to Chacala and on to Banderas Bay at San Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Marina La Cruz.  We stayed for bit, saw cousin Tom and Nancy visiting PV for a week…


We then ran back to Chacaka for Christmas eve and a few days peace.  After, we motored up to Mantanchen Bay for a few days then back to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle for New Years Eve.


There is a rumor that a big (75 foot plus) jet boat ran aground near Puata de Mita right after we were in the area.  When we passed Punta de Mita on Jan 30, we were in an incident with a big boat at around 2:25 PM…  Nothing too worrisome, he came across our bow under power (maybe racing another mega yacht) while we were sailing… Not really boater safe navigation and very interesting!


After new years we put the boat into Marina Vallarta and received some boat supplies from Jess’ cousin Bobby and Robert Berger who visit PV this time of the year!  Had a couple lovely visits with them.

We took a bus to Mazatlan a couple times to get some visa (temporary resident) paperwork taken care of.  Stayed at hotel on the beach, Hotel la Siesta, a couple times too…

Had some time so we got a replacement for our non functioning Honda 2 HP dingy motor…  We have tried the coil and plug we got from cousin Bobby but motor is not fixed yet?  We left it with the professionals on sv Landfall at Marina La Cruz…

Returned to PV, got the boat out of the marina and stopped a couple days in La Cruz then headed north again.  This time with the boat…  A stop overnight in Chacala then overnight to Mazatlan.  Where we sit and write this catch up blog…  Mazatlan is getting ready for Carnival, we are hard at work getting ready to get up to Guaymas to meet friends Gil and Lexi (with boat stuff)…  And yes the jib is back filled in the last photo while we motor sail, it’s to cut down the roll when headed mostly into the wind…






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