Mo Zihuatanejo then further south!

zihAnd, yes, I do know the difference between using “farther” vs “further”, metaphysically speaking!

We had a great week in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa and then moved down the coast another 110 NM to Alcapulco buddy boating with s/v VIVACIA.

Some Zihuatanejo photos:

Some photos of during the sail south:

I edited it down to 6 seconds and the flash? is at end of file, full screen helps!


Some Acapulco photos:


And the techie update…  (actualización de la tecnología)

LiFePo4 Batteries:  

Damn new batteries, we can’t seem to run them down below 13 volts.  Have to switch the  alternator output to the starter battery so we don’t overcharge the LiFePo4 bank.  We are still playing with the programming on the solar charge controller to make sure we don’t overcharge via the solar panels.

On the windlass.

I have done some research and think we have a Generation 2 version of the Lewmar Pro Fish 1000 Horizontal.  It turns out there are THREE generations of the windlass.  Buyer beware for the service parts…  And I still have not found that serial number!  There seem to be quite a few sources for parts kits for the windlass (good and bad).  Good because I can get parts, and bad because there seems to be a big enough need for parts that there are several places selling them!

I got a little big headed when I found out that the temporary FIX I came up with of adding a poly washer to stop the galling of the main drive gear against the cast stainless steel body of the windlass which allows us to tighten the clutch and still be able to run the windlass motor without binding the gears and stalling the electric motor….  is the same FIX they put in place on the Gen 3 of the windlass (they added washer 22 in the schematic below)…  They added other washers and gaskets and etc as well on Gen 3…  I hope they also figured out how to harden the stainless shaft (28) for use against the bearing (5)?  Or in my opinion the galling on the shaft will continue???  I’d love to hear from other Lewmar Pro 1000 H owners on this parts wear they have seen???  On mine the bearing is toast and the shaft is worn down a half millimeter all around…  Maybe that’s why they sell “Shaft kits” and “bearing kits” and etc..

Lewmar Pro 1000 H Generation 3 schematic:  Note washers 21 and 22 etc…  added gaskets 24, 25, etc

Gen 3

Lewmar Pro 1000 H Generation 2 schematic:

Lewmar Pro Series Windlass Parts


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