Catching up, AGAIN

We have left Mexico for a bit and have returned to Denver.  We arrived June 9, 2016, settled in briefly and then headed off to Indiana for Father’s day celebrations with family. We arrived back in Colorado a week ago on June 23.

Indiana and Father’s Day:  The drive is best broken into two parts, 610 miles or so each part.  Puts us somewhere around Chillicothe, Missouri for a stopping place.  Great to see family and friends!


Back In Denver, We had a roof leak on the lower roof which became apparent in the dojo area of the facility.  Got it patched up and plan to finish repairs when it stops raining for more than a couple days…  We may have to apply some coating to the upper roof as well after the hail last year, there are lots of small breaks in the fairly rigid outer coating which was applied a couple years back.

Some lower roof photos…

Note the drain in the lower roof, it was the source of the leak, the drain was added after the original roof was installed and done poorly, using a polypropylene toilet base at the roof penetration fitting, they had problems over the years with patch materials sticking to the plastic…  We shall see how it works for us!  We used TAMCO 846for fill and then put a couple strips of torch down over the area.  At the drain hole, we used a fiberglass reinforcing screen mesh and the Henery’s 209.  We will keep an eye on the drain area since it was the leakage vector in the first place!

The entire lower roof area is due for a re-coating of the aluminum coating, TAM-PRO 840 or similar.  .

The upper roof:

Hail damage on the rather rigid surface spray down coating (polyurethane) I think.  We shall see if we can find a roll on flexible coating… TAM-STAR White Elastomaric is available locally, maybe?

Back to svHajime…

Last boating post was in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.  We hung out in PV a couple weeks, doing chores and taking some time on dock at Marina La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

When we were all ready, us and buddy boat sv Vivacia, we headed north. We covered the last legs in a week or so and sv Vivacia moved on to La Paz in Baja Sur…:

175 Nm   Puerto Vallarta – Chacala – San Blas – Mazatlan





We got to see judo friends and marina friends before leaving sv Hajime in the hands of Marina Mazatlan and Grant and Hector at Tony’s Boat Management.



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1 Response to Catching up, AGAIN

  1. Lisa Trudel says:

    Thanks a zillion time for giving us update of your quite active Life! Love to see both of you, Elizabeth, Allan… and Hajime… Continue to enjoy! Big Hugs from Quebec. 🙂

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