Batteries, yes again…

Not the big batteries, the 200 Amp Hour type, we use for motor starting and house on the boat…


but rather the AA and AAA rechargeable NiMh ones we use daily on boat in all kinds of devices like thermometers, hand held GPS, portable radios, etc..

DURACELL AA Rechargeable NiMH 2400 mAh 1.2V Batteries 4 PACK DC1500 FRESH~NEW Energizer AAA Qty 8 Recharge Universal Rechargeable Batteries 1.2v 500mAh

Usually we have a 12v DC to AA and AAA NiMh charger on board and then keep the AA and AAA batteries charged up from the house batteries.

Tenergy 2-bay Smart Charger for RCR123A 3.0V Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries (01208) 

So returning to Denver, new batteries was on the list for returning stuff for next season. We got a PowerX charger/analyzer to make sure the AA and AAA batteries  we are taking back are good ones, and as always not wanting to pay for the name brand if off name stuff works OK.

Image result for powerex charger

Then got some off name 3000 mAh AA and some 1350 mAh AAA batteries from eBay.    After hours of charging and rehab and initializing these batteries…

AND… It’s true what the reviewers say…     THESE eBay batteries are CRAP…

We took brand new batteries from the package and ran them through the PowesX “new Battery – break-in” process and on the average the 3000 mAh – AA batteries score in the high 400 mAh range and the 1350 mAh AAA batteries score around  300 mAh. In the photos below, note the small arrow indicating the battery data being displayed on the PowerX readout, it holds up to four batteries but it only shows data on one of the batteries at a time.



I also got name brand batteries and was much happier with the actual mAh numbers on Energizers and Duracell:

So much for batteries, for now…

Some photos of other stuff going back to boat next season:

         IDEAL 5210070 Hose Clamp, 1/2 to 1-1/16 In, SAE 10, PK10  Beta Marine Air Filter 211-08132 Honda 16100-ZW6-E11 CARBURETOR ASSY. (BF33L A) 40pcs 10cm Male jumper wire Dupont cable FOR Arduino UNO R3 Raspberry Pi B+ PI2 Nano Expansion Terminal Adapter For Arduino Nano V3.0 AVR ATMEGA328P-AU Board 12V Marine Air Blower Boat Bilge Flange Mount Heads Galleys Ventilation Fan RV 5Meter K Type Temperature Controller Thermocouple Probe 0 to 250C PEAKMETER PM6501 Digital Thermometer Temperature Meter w/ K Type Thermocouple Outdoor Waterproof 6 LED Solar Power Path Stud Garden Road Dock Yard Lights DP Honda Marine Carburetor Gasket Kit for BF2D and BF2.3D Flex-Cable Pick-Up Tool w/ 4-Finger Claw End Retriever Grab, Extra Long, 36" 15A 600V 4P Screw Electric Barrier Terminal Block Strip Cable Connector 10PCS  3MM Scuba Neoprene Gloves for Diving Snorkeling Spearfishing Water Sports Warm Honda 30500-ZW6-014 SEE PART DETAILS - PRI; COIL ASSY., IGNITION Sodium Metabisulfite Powder 4oz Wine, Beer, brewing, Sanitizer, Additive Auto Car Fan Vehicle RV Dashboard Portable 8" Clip-On Oscillating 12V Cooling 3PK Splicing Fid,No S6034SL, Wellington Cordage Llc



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1 Response to Batteries, yes again…

  1. Emrick says:

    So good to hear from you two again. I never did find a decent rechargeable AA. Keep up the good stuff

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