On the road again

October 2016 was our last post.  MUCH has happened.  Not really earth shattering stuff, but here is a list:

Got a planter installed along with a bike rack at the front of the building.

Dad, in INDIANA,  fell and broke a leg.

Jess had an old injury re-surface and separated her quadriceps tendon from the patella. Had surgery to FIX.

Jim helped out in IN for a little bit.

We finished the roof patching and aluminum coating, good to go for a few more years, cross fingers!

We replaced some siding on the building and painted the west facing walls for the three units in the building.

Replaced the three sodium vapor light fixtures which were 400 watts each bulb in the dojo.  We put in two 100 watt LED bulbs and a 60 watt LED bulb and new fixtures.  Lights are now instant on, about the same light quality and NOT that yellowish light anymore!

Jim had an old injury re-surface and had ACL surgery to FIX  Jan 09 2017.

Had the 35 year old beat up garage door replaced in the dojo.

And we claened the place up so we leave tomorrow for Oaxaca de Juárez.  We are meeting daughter with Son in law and Jess’ brother with sister in law…  Looking forward to week in Oaxaca.  Then over to Mazatlan with Jess’ bro/sis…

Some photos of the fall:


Jess Ouchie…


B&B in Colorado – tree peeping…

Jess B-day…

Keep it short, will post the Oaxaca photos next.




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  1. Alison Brooks says:

    When will you come see us

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