We are back at boat…

Been traveling a bit to get here.  A week in Oaxaca City with Jim’s daughter and son in law and Jess’ brother (oldest) and sister in law.  And a few nights at Hotel La Siesta on Olas Altas here in Mazatlan before joining Hajime last night for our first night aboard since last June.

Oaxaca photos…


Mazatlan photos…


Haul out is scheduled for Feb. 28 with Rick’s Marine Service next door to Mazatlan Marina at the Fonatur travel lift and yard.  We are looking to do a quick bottom painting job, but, you guys know about boats!

We brought some goodies in out luggage, about $1,200 worth of stuff to stuff into the boat this time.  Most of it repairs and spares.

Link to list of parts (with pictures…)



No photos of Oil and Air Filters, zincs for prop shaft, seal kit for watermaker,  O rings for heat exchanger, bow roller replacement, hand pump for salt and fresh water repair parts, electrical solder, a thermostat switch for re-fridge fan, batteries, a new battery chrger, but all listed for customs.  You are allowed $500 USD per person in your party of stuff like this.  The $500 is for new stuff for gifts or use in a boat maybe.  Not to include personal items like clothing, cameras, cell phones, personal computer, etc.

Since our “STUFF” bag was lost in Denver on the way to the plane and did not arrive in Oaxaca for 5 days, we got through customs without having to push the red/green button this time.  Tax would have been 16% on the overage of the $1000 allowed for a party of two.  Since the total of our bag was around $1250.  Tax would have been 16% of $250 or $40 USD.

I’ll try to keep up with blog…

Next weeks are plenty of boat work so I’ll try, for you boat techies, to keep up with the blog.  Sooner or later you will get that it’s all about REPAIR and MAINTENANCE!


Tyler and Hector did a great job keeping Hajime clean and maintained for us.  Se looks sound.  BATTERIES?  I know you all lost sleep like I did being away for so long.  At first glance, it looks like they are FINE, sitting there at something like 13.2 volts.  Boat management kept them bumped up for us.



Somethings never change in MX…  photos of fan power wireing in marine bathroom


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