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TECHIE 20Feb2017

We got motor running today.  It kicked right off after checking the coolant level, oil level, engine zincs,  sea water intake strainer, fuel water separator and a general look over the motor, no leaks, etc.


Find the key – left with Tyler and Hector at Tony’s Boat Management at Marina Mazatlan.  Tony sold to Grant who Sold to Tyler but Hector lets all of them think they run the place!


  1. CHECK BATTERY STATE –  At the breaker panel at NAV station, switch from SSS – starter battery to HHH – house battery at the small toggle switch near the LED readout display in order to read battery voltages and current amperage load.  Batteries should be over 12.7 volts SSS and 12.8 volts HHH.
  2. LIGHTS ON –  Check that (B)reaker (S)witch – (BS) for Lights is ON.
  3. SINK DRAINS – Open Drain valves for sinks, one under floor hatch nearest companionway and one under sink in head.
  4. SALT WATER SINK SUPPLY – Open salt water for galley sink valve.  Under sink in head.
  5. HAND PUMPS AT GALLEY SINK – Check Hand pumps at galley sink, one for potable water, one for sale water. Operate pump handle until you get water flowing.
  6. FRESH WATER – FRESH water pressure ON, (BS) – check for leaks (if pump keeps running, have a leak)  We keep the starboard tank with fresh water for washing and the port side tank for potable water.  POTABLE WATER is ONLY available by using the hand pump at the galley sink.
  7. PROPANE ON – Open valve at propane tank then (BS) “LPG” – Then light burner on stove with lighter, takes one minute for propane to travel 20 foot of hose from tank to stove first lighting.
  8. HOT WATER – Turn on water heater (BS) and draw hot water from tap.  Takes a minute for water to heat…
  9. REFRIGERATOR – Open cooling water valve under  floor hatch in front of head for refrigerator, Turn on (BS) “refrigerator”.  CHECK pump under floor hatch nearest companionway. CHECK water exiting thru hull 3 inches above waterline aft starboard quarter.
  10. ENGINE:
    1. Check oil level, coolant level, zinc aft end of heat exchange tube stack, racor water separator for sediment and water and filter state,  transmission oil level/color.
    2. FIND KEY on valve under floor hatch at companionway hanging on the engine cooling water through hull valve.  TURN ON VALVE.
    3. Set battery switch to battery bank #1, STARTER.
    4. At binnacle, crack throttle 1/16 to 1/8 make sure not in gear, turn key and start engine.
    1. Turn ON (BS); GPS, Sailing Instruments, VHF, and Autopilot
    2. At binnacle, turn ON Tacktick wind instruments and GPS (Garmin).
    3. You should have AIS (other ships) and HAJIME current location shown on chart plotter. Should have wind speed and direction and depth under vessel on displays.
  12. SOLAR POWER – At the bulkhead at the foot of the port aft quarter birth behind the NAV station, Flip on the two (BS) for wind and solar.  The wind gauge will light, but the solar will NOT.  The solar power controller remote panel is mounted port side at the companionway.  It is an MT50 display/control.  On an full sun you may get 20 AMPS at 14 volts for charging the house batteries.  Solar ONLY charger HOUSE bank of 400 Amp Hour LiFePo4 batteries.
  13. POWER METER -Since the power meter can drain a battery if left attached, we pull the fuse when away from boat for months.  Replace the fuse, taped to the face of the Voltron power meter display mounted port side of companionway.   It goes into the wire  fuse holder under the access panels aft of the NAV seat. It is marked “MAIN”
  14. SAILS – We keep sails below along with most of the boat canvas.  ALL has to be brought out and put up again.  We used polyester painter lines and pulled down the halyards:
    1. boom stopper lines for jibibgPut the halyards up again
    2. Main sail, rig with lazy jacks, reef lines and halyards and boom jibe safty lines
    3. Jib sail, rig with sheets
    4. Dodger canvas
    5. biminey canvas
    6. shade canvas
  15. Move kayaks from forward cabin to deck stowage
  16. Power internet onboard antenna router
    1.  is address of onboard TP-Link antenna need to set it up with this years marina user and passwords… user/pass TP-LINK TL-WA5210G 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE - TL-WA5210G ...
    2. onboard router is svhajime user/pass


BLOWER FOR ENGINE COMPARTMENT- We brought a new blower for the engine compartment exhaust.  Was a little worried that it was the correct part and mounting configuration.  It dropped right in (photos):

TACKTICK WIND SPEED TRANSDUCER –   wind speed and direction sending unit at the top of the mast looks to be malfunctioning.  Maybe it was home to some of those giant scissor birds this year?  Jess went up and retrieved said device.  Some WD40 and it looks to be working better.  They mane and SELL a “Bearing service kit” for the unit for around $75 USD.  I can’t fins an Amazon seller who is shipping to MX so we will put this one back up and add the “kit” to the list for parts for next year…

We soaked the water tanks with a cap full of Clorox and flushed out the dirty bits and refilled the fresh tank and put bottled water into the potable water tank.

Jess has a cold/sinus/cough/breathing problem and we saw the doctor over at El Cid Marina.  Dr. Jesus Noe Zatarain Piña.

She got a couple injections and a couple prescriptions for a cost of $1200 (Dr. plus injections) + $525 (perscriptions) in pesos or around $85 USD.

Judo on Mondays and Wednesday and Friday.  I’ve been watching “mostly” and Jess working out…

Judo Irimi, Mazatlan



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  1. zipfslaw1 says:

    This reads like what the Navy called a PMS (Planned Maintenance System) card. You’d be assigned a job, you’d grab the appropriate card, and it told you, step by step, exactly what to do. Thanks for the memory, and for the update on your lives! Tell Jess to get better.

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