2017 Preparing to get off dock…

The Marina this week:

Stuff happening in Mazatlan.  Besides Carnival…

Bad stuff:

On the lateral out front of the marina, most of the businesses next to Fortino’s Pizza including Fortino’s Pizza have closed.  The Laundry next to the Harbor Masters office has closed. Nothing new on  the boardwalk in the marina, the Disco is STILL operating.  We hear there have been some drunken revelers on the docks at closing 4:00 to 5:00 AM at times.

Good Stuff:

Lots of new paint and freshening of buildings all around town, up and down the Ave Camaron Sabalo ( the golden zone) and when you leave the marina to the north up Passeo del Atlantico to Ave Carlos Conseco and turn towards town, oh my, they have been building and building all the way into town.  Lots of the boardwalk road, Ave del Mar, south of Valentino’s is also looking up with new construction and fixing up some of the existing.

Going through this month’s photos:

Construction on the Marriott hotel at the Marina is continuing.

The doctors office in El Cid Marina and it’s waiting room…

Party at the hotel la siesta…

These are NOT before and after photos…

Boat visit:

Beach day at Stone Island:

You have to eat at Angelina’s Kitchen, it’s just behind the Best Western, Hotel Posada Freeman on Paseo Olas Altas at Venustiano Carranza 18, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico… Reasonable cost and mmm mmm GOOD!



‘We have been planning to do the bottom paint on s/vHajime this coming week.  And we just talked to Richard Cummings at Rick’s Marine Service today and maybe we all decided to put off the bottom job til May/June.  Then Rick can pull the boat in and put it back when done…

So we are building a list and knocking em down as best we can…  PLAN to head across to La Paz then up the Baja East coast to “see the sea”…

  • Remove the jib fuller and soak and WD40 bearings to get it rotating better.
  • Hang sails and rig with sheets
  • Drop Dink in water
  • Remove wood covers at dorades for and aft and sand
  • find propane source, the marina has stopped running tanks
  • Remove and re-seat port light on the port side above settee, it leaks
  • Set up block/tackle for outboard motor
  • Hang fishing poles on arch for stowage
  • Rig boom stoppers
  • Whisker pole hinge is bent, remove and see if rick can fix
  • Install new battery charger in lazarette for house LiFePo4 batteries
  • Install new solar charger forward for windlass battery
  • Sand cockpit seating and table
  • Seal seating and table and dorade covers
  • Pull out hooka compressor and make sure it runs
  • Mount 5HP Mercury outboard motor on dink and make sure it runs
  • Rebuild hand pumps in galley, new rubbers and seals
  • Rebuild kit for watermaker and valve replaccement
  • Rebuild 2 HP Honda outboard, new carb and coil
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2 Responses to 2017 Preparing to get off dock…

  1. dicknjanecarmer@frontier.com says:

    to do list very big,   good luck.   lu, mom

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