The list and update on LiFePo4 batteries…

We have hit the list pretty hard.  Some things were easier than others.

  • NOW DONE..
  • find propane source, the marina has stopped running tanks – turns out one of the small convenience store vendors at the marina is running propane tnks for boaters.  He will also get you 5 gal. water bottles if needed.
  • Remove and re-seat port light on the port side above settee, it leaks – have not water tested it yet, but picked up some butal rubber tape from another boater for $20 USD and used it when reinstalling port light
  • Set up block/tackle for outboard motor – DONE
  • Hang fishing poles on arch for stowage – DONE
  • Rig boom stoppers – DONE
  • Whisker pole hinge is bent, remove and see if rick can fix – Jess ask Rick and they agreed that for around $75 USD a new one is made
  • Install new battery charger in lazarette for house LiFePo4 batteries – DONE
  • Install new solar charger forward for windlass battery – DONE
  • Sand cockpit seating and table – DONE
  • Seal seating and table and dorade covers – DONE
  • Pull out hooka compressor and make sure it runs – DONE
  • Mount 5HP Mercury outboard motor on dink and make sure it runs – DONE
  • Rebuild hand pumps in galley, new rubbers and seals – DONE
  • Rebuild kit for water-maker and valve replacement – DONE getting 140 ppm on the meter but that is running in the marina too…
  • Rebuild 2 HP Honda outboard, new carb and coil – On Hold

LiFePo4 update:

We have chosen to charge the LiFePo4 battery bank at the following voltages, best we can:

On the ProNautic we are using the programmable settings to charge to 13.6 V bulk and float to 13.2-13.6 volt range.  We plan to monitor the charger voltages when on shore power and charging…

Manual for the new ProNautic p Series 1230 we installed:

Marine Grade Battery Charger, Pronautic 30A, 3 Bank 30 amps

On the 40A 12V 24V New Tracer4215BN 40amps Programmable MPPT Solar Charge Controller with MT50 LCD display we have set:

  • over voltage disconnect 14.0 volts
  • charging limit voltage 13.6
  • over voltage reconnect 13.2
  • equalize charging voltage 13.6
  • boost charging voltage 13.6
  • float charging voltage 13.2
  • boost reconnect charging voltage 13.2
  • low voltage reconnect 12.4
  • under voltage warning reconnect voltage 12.2
  • under voltage warning 12.2
  • low voltage disconnect
  • discharge limit
  • equalization duration 0 min
  • boost duration 30 min


Manual for tracer 4215:


Using the Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S we run capacity testing on our 400 nominal Amp Hour house bank.  NO CHARGE DEVICES, AVERAGE LOAD 5 to 20 Amps

  • 3/3/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.18 V (volts) at -54 Ah (Amp Hours)
  • 4:00 PM 12.98 V at -160 Ah
  • 11:00 PM 13.01 V at -185 Ah
  • 3/4/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.01 V at -191 Ah
  • 8:00 AM 12.90 V at -200 Ah
  • 12:00 PM 12.87 V at -230 Ah
  • 1:00 PM 12.83 V at -245 Ah
  • 2:00 PM 12.83 V at -253 Ah
  • 3:30 PM 12.80 V at -274 Ah
  • 4:00 PM 12.80 V at -280 Ah
  • 4:20 PM 12.75 V  at -285 Ah
  • 5:00 PM 12.78 V at -290 Ah
  • 6:00 PM 12.75 V at -302 Ah
  • 7:00 PM 12.70 V at -310 Ah
  • 7:30 PM 12.60 V at -321 Ah


Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S Retail $243.00

Other photos:

Tacktick wireless wind instruments:

We pulled the Tacktick wind transducer down (AFTER 7 YEARS) from the top of the mast because it was not spinning in low winds.  After a little WD40 it seemed to be working FINE, so we went up the mast again (with a camera) and re-installed the transducer.  A NOTE on the TACKTICK wireless wind instruments…  We love them, have since the day we installed them 7 years ago.  This is the first issue we have had since 2012 when we used them 24 hours a day for 15 days straight in December.  Turns out you need more sunlight than December to keep the receiver displays powered up.  (they can be wired to 12v power, but we did not and had to use them sparingly at night)  THE TRANSDUCER LOOKED LIKE NEW even after 7 years at the top of the mast!

Whisker pole:

old pin… was bent and would not let the pole rotate properly, made the pole difficult to fly both as a downwind jib keeper or as a spinnaker pole.


New replacement option might have been: foresparcar

So we had a pin made here in Mexico and installed in the old car for $75 USD.  Works great – thanks Rick at  Marine Services Mazatlan

The watermaker:

The Katadyn 40E watermaker seal rebuild is not too difficult if you watch the video while you pull it apart and put it back together…

The Katadyn Model 40E Waternaker

Unending thanks to Gary (Ishipaco) Albers, S/V Ishi.


After completing the LIST, we ran down to Olas Altas and Angelina’s Latin Kitchen for a nice evening OUT.


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  1. SailVivacia says:

    Congratulations! What a lot of work. Wish we were there to celebrate with you at Angelina’s. I miss that place.

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