Santa Rosilia for a few days blow

Unlike the title infers, the wind, the wind …

We did 4 nights at Marina Fonatur in the harbor at Santa Rosilia, Baja Sur.  Arrived Sunday March 26, 2017.

All we can say is NICE!

Staff was great, potable water delivered to the boat at an extremely reasonable price (15 pesos for 5 gallons).  Tiendas and restaurants were pretty darn good.  Wifi – not too bad.  Water and power and wifi came with the rent for around $15 USD a day for our 37 foot Tartan37 and the marina checks you in and out for the port captain paper work too…  Warm to hot water in the showers from 9AM to 5PM.

The Mexican Marinos share the dock with 6  or 7 rescue and patrol vessels.

We walked our fuel cans over to the fuel dock, maybe 100 yards walk and topped up the boat. She took 30 gallons here in Santa Rosilia and in Bahia Concepcion we had picked up, with the help of Brother Alex, 15 gallons.  We did motor almost all the way up from Mazatlan and around Bahia Concepcion and up to Santa Rosilia for about 73.1 engine hours.  45 gallons and 73.1 hours makes 0.615 gallons per hour.  Not as good as we would like, just got to sail MORE!

Washed the salt off  the boat and settled in for a few days 20 to 25 knot winds.

Not a bad set of cruisers on he docks either!  sv’s ; Serafina, Nightide, Interlude…   Marina Fonatur can hold maybe a coupe dozen boats, easy in and easy out.  A nice place to wait out some weather (not the really bad stuff).

Nothing notable to fix this stop, woohoo!

And we are off dock on March 30th heading south.

PLAN:  Day one Santa Rosilia to Punta Chivato 25 miles or so.  Day two Punta Chivato to Calleta San Juanico for some fishing 63 miles or so.  Then looks like we will strike a rhumb line for Mazatlan 370 miles or so…  We hope to be there by the 4th or 5th of April.  We plan to fly to Denver the 13th of April so it should give us time to put the boat away at Marina Mazatlan.SRtoMAZ

Some photos from around Santa Rosilia town:


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1 Response to Santa Rosilia for a few days blow

  1. Colin says:

    We loved Santa Rosalia.
    Bang Bang Bangorang!

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