2017 season winds down for Jess and Jim

Getting to Mazatlan from Santa Rosilia:

We left Santa Roselia Baja Sur MX and motored 60 hours back to Mazatlan.  Did not see a single fishing vessel or freighter the entire trip, saw one cruise ship. Horizon to horizon stars and glass calm seas.  Other than the diesel fuel we used, could not have hoped for a better trip!

Calleta San Juanico was a hoot, but the only fish that wanted my hotdog bait were inedible…

We saw whales on the way….

Mazatlan Marina was waiting for us with our same slip on dock 8 slip 2.   Tyler at the boat care shop will keep an eye on s/v Hajime til we return.  Rick at Mazatlan Marine Services will take care of hauling the boat and painting the bottom for us while we are gone.  Should be ready to cruise when we get back…

After boat is closed up – We are headed for DENVER

Judo is important to us and cruising this year is to be curtailed (foreshortened),  call it the dog watch of sailing seasons.

We plan to make it to the USA Judo Senior Nationals for the first time since 2012. In 2012 we headed out the gate (Golden Gate) and turned right…

We are taking a bus to Puerto Vallerta on the 12 the April and then plane to Denver on the 13th of April.  We are traveling with our good friend Federico Torres Suarez.  Sensei Federico is head instructor at Irmi Dojo in Mazatlan.  Fede is staying with us in Denver for a couple weeks before we all go to Salt Lake City for the USA Judo Senior Nationals.

Let us hope all of you 55 to 60 year old’s under 60 Kg get off your butts and come play with Fede at the International Masters Shiai! He came a long way to play with you!

After Sr Nationals Sensei Fede will fly back to Mazatlan and we are then back in Denver until May 30.

What next:

May 30 we fly to Iceland for 4 days then Copenhagen for 4 days and then on to Split Croatia for a few days before boarding a 42 foot Catamaran for a week of floating around the Adriatic  with our best boating friends in the whole world!

After Croatia we will make our way to Tel Aviv, Israel then on to visit friends Shimon and Mandy Detwiler and family who live south of Jerusalem.  We will rattle around Israel for a week to 10 days then find our way back to Denver to bemoan the small judo class turn outs  for the summer months.  Worse things could happen.

Next year is up in the air.  We are holding time for our friend John Kuony.  John plans to move his new boat to the east coast of the USA from San Francisco via Panama.  We have signed up to help sail whenever he needs us.  Hard for him to pass up Jess’ cooking for too much of he trip.








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1 Response to 2017 season winds down for Jess and Jim

  1. SailVivacia says:

    We’re missing you guys. See you in Croatia!

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