Boat Startup – December 2017

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From a Facebook post:

Day 1:  (From a Facebook post)  Jib is up, dodger and sun canvas are up. We got the new fridge evaporator in. Big news, lithium house batteries sat with no in or out flows for 7 months and are at 13.2 volts. A very good number. It was maybe 13.4 when we left last May. Main sail tomorrow, weather permitting and start engine. Then on to the rest of the list..  Later in the day we got to go to Judo at Irimi Dojo in Mazatlan.  Federico and the club in Mazatlan send their love to the Denver Judoka…


Day 2:  Checked out of the Possada Hotel Freeman in Olas Altas district in Mazatlan and moved to the Marina.

The bilge pump was burnt and replaced it with our last spare.  Jess sanitized the water tanks with bleach and filled them.  We tinkered with the line ascend(er) tools we brought and looks like they will work fine.  We got the main sail up today!  Had to stop the fridge, found that the copper pipe from the compressor to the new evaporator are icing up quite a bit.  A google search says this may be a low coolant pressure.  Will probably need to call a pro on this one… (34 deg. F on the beer can, almost cold enough!)

Day 3:  RAIN? Well this is different. Not hard rain but it did rain on and off all day. So inside we knocked out the rework on the water maker filter bracket and pump assembly.  Mike from Rescue Refrigeration ( ) came over and hooked up his gauges and let some of the coolant out of the fridge system we put together on day one, let it run all day and it improved the ice on the copper from the compressor over to the evaporator.  We told Mike it improved things quite a bit but still a little icing.  Mike will come back Day 4 to let a bit more coolant out of the system.  Jess put some added a bit of sail tape to the ends of the batten pockets on the main sail……  Oh yes, and we checked out the remodeled restroom/showers at Marina Mazatlan…


Day 4:  Did I say RAIN?  Rained all day, Mike from Rescue Refrigeration came and let a little more coolant out of the system and the icing of the copper between the evaporator and compressor has lessened and should improve more after this.  Mike will come again tomorrow to make sure.   Jess is chasing the less than perfect taste of our drinking water.  The tank has been sanitized and today the water lines and charcoal filter.  Mounted the new Garmin GPSMAP 840xs chart plotter in the binnacle, still need to mount the new sonar/FISH FINDER transducer Garmin GT-21 too.  Also stripped the 40 year old seal from the salon hatch cover and replaced it…



Woo hoo!  Jess has opened the kitchen, eating out was fun but too much IS too much!  La Mona is still great Pizza and the liter beer is por compartier (for sharing). El Cortez  (Good Food Good Mood) is an great lunch and breakfast.  Both are less than 50 meters  (~55 yards) from the boat.

Installed the spreader flood lights and replaced the combination steaming and flood light fixture.  Installed the new masthead light.  Both the old fixtures were in good shape but the lenses have yellowed and the steamer light was burnt or corroded socket.  The masthead was yellow plastic and it looked like the red and green was fading, I think they still worked,  None he less we got them replaced.  Mike from Rescue Refr.  could not make it in today, but we are planning on tomorrow and hopefully get the icing issue all taken care of.  Refrigerator is working well other than that.  We should be able to keep ice cream if we add a door to the evaporator box and maybe a little foam board around it…  Got the replacement Magna grill put together and mounted…

Oh yes and JUDO with Federico on Monday and Friday, we were pooped on Wednesday and did not make it to the dojo…

Tomorrow is Saturday and list is shorter now???

  1.  Transducer for sonar mount and wire up
  2.  Install some insulation for fridge
  3.  We have a new rudder feed back transducer and should install it, the old one was intermittent cutting out while on autopilot sending boat in circles…
  4. Check the new GPS/Chartplotter with radar and AIS
  5. Check prop shaft alignment to motor again, it has been around 600 hours run time and we need to loosen the coupling and make sure the shaft and motor are still lined up.  Adjust if needed
  6. Make sure dinghy motor runs
  7. Fill fuel cans
  8. Change out old potable water hose with new one, old one starting to taste of plastic.
  9. Maybe add insulation to the fridge lids.
  10. Swap meet isn’t for a week here at the marina, maybe we can unload some STUFF…

FIN for now

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1 Response to Boat Startup – December 2017

  1. You guys certainly jump into the projects when you decide to go down and “play boat.” The low self-discharge rate on that battery bank is very impressive. Next time I need batts it’s going to be lithium. We too are in project mode, sitting in a boat yard in Port Canaveral while they paint the hulls and I change out engine mounts, replace shaft seals, and beef up some U-bolt attachment points in the bows. Living in your boat on the hard is not recommended.
    Cheers, A&E

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