Finally underway … week 3 weeeeee!

Had to put something else than a toilet at the top of the post, sorry about that all…

It always seems like a struggle to work the boat into “ship shape”.  Last minute the head seat fell off, Jess got the old one’s pieces off and we got a new one at Homedepot after a couple bus rides and a wrong one returned.

And we did finally get the GT-21 Garmin sonar transducer mounted .  Ended up, after several (bad) bright ideas, just sticking it to the inside of the hull with some silicone.  Seems to work OK, we have only been in 250 foot max depth water so far, it’s suppose to work as depth sounder up to 1500 at outside limit…  I’ll let you know!


Those last couple things put to rights, we are off… We arrived in Mazatlan on the 12th and we left the marina on the 23rd with (almost) all our projects complete.

s/v Hajime is doing well, we backed out the fairway (she hates to motor into a port turn first thing in the morning) circled to starboard  and headed out of the marina just before the +3.22 foot high tide at 10:17 AM.   Minimum depth of water we saw crossing the bar was 13.5 foot.  And, yes, we were taking a little water over the bow coming past the slight breaking waves just outside the break water.

The 8 NM south to the old harbor at Mazatlan was uneventful.  We did have to circle a bit for a Navy vessel to leave the harbor entrance and then follow a tanker into the harbor.  The anchorage is just inside the harbor breakwater at Club Nautico.  The Club is really just a floating dock for securing your dinghy and it is inside a guarded gated yard.  The yard is mostly for boat storage and a boat ramp access to the harbor.  You pay $50 peso ($2.5 USD) a day when you go ashore to use the boat dock and drop trash, use the bathrooms, etc.

Some photos of the old harbor, note the electric shower head. Very interesting!…


Plans, as always, written in sand at low tide.  We are off to the south for warmer water and longer days.  Family is visiting Puerto Vallarta in January and March.  Tengo un nieto que llega en febrero, seré un abuelo!  A busy season!

A couple days in the old harbor then an overnight to Isla Isabela where we did the the pinnacle anchorage, woo hoo…

Then on to San Blas for a couple days:

Poked heads into Bahia Chacala it was full enough to move on to Punta Mita for New Years Eve…

A sail over to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and here we are for a bit…


Fin for now!

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1 Response to Finally underway … week 3 weeeeee!

  1. Cindy Clark Simmons says:

    Very cool guys👌..keep the pics coming

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