Week #?… Oh who cares???

Been on the water since leaving Puerto Vallarta, mostly,  until breakfast today in Barre de Navidad, best chili rellenos con camerones ever!  Oh yes, and a beer!  Maybe it WAS closer to lunch time…  Yes there is helado in MX but it’s just not the same!

Where now?

PV to Chamela to Tennicatita to Playa Cuastecomates to Barre de Navidad…

2018 0117 max.PNG

Image result for barra de navidad    Related image

Stuff that broke this week:

  • I tried to get the the hand pump to pump better… and tightened a fitting too tightly and broke the plastic pump body, hope to get friends to bring a new one down in March…  Image result for hand pump marine fynspray
  • Got the sewing machine out to re-stitch some canvas.  The sun just eats the stitching up.  This is the second time in 7 years to re-stitch, so not too bad.  Broke the thread tension spring on the Reliable Barracuda 2000u-33 sewing machine, hope to get friends to bring a new one down in March… Reliable BARRACUDA 200ZW Portable Walking Foot & Zig-Zag Sewing Machine  
  • Not broken, but squeaking!  We greased up the windlass and it does not squeak any more.  Manual says do this as an annual maintenance item! Anchor Windlasses lewmar 6656411108 102
  • POS $120 Xantrex Echo Charger took a dump.  Replaced it with our Wagen DC/DC charger est $15.  (When you start an engine you use a very little amount of the charge from the starter battery and using the alternator on the engine to replace the charge you just used is rather inefficient.  The AMPS would be much more appreciated in most HOUSE battery banks! This is how s/v Hajime is wired.  But you still need to get that 2% or so AMPS back into the starter battery.  A DC/DC charger is a nice way to do this.)  By the way, every Xantrex device we have had on the boat has broken in normal use!

Xantrex Heart Echo Charge Charging Panel - 82-0123-01  


Took some MORE  sunrise and sunset photos, I know – I know, but what else do you do with them?  Jessica had a night shift with bio-luminescent dolphins!  She said you could try to describe them, but they just refuse to be photographed…



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4 Responses to Week #?… Oh who cares???

  1. Emrick Pohling says:

    Hey you two. So glad you’re back on the water. Gives me a Mexico/sailor fix that, for now, I don’t get any other way. I used to feel such a relief – like a load lifted off – on being responsible for myself almost immediately after crossing the border. What a joy. Claudia is talking about retiring later this year, and maybe then we can get back to it, though I’m pretty sure it will involve four wheels. Anyway, thanks for keeping us on the list.

    • svhajime says:

      Emrick! Great to hear from you guys! Hope all is well up in Oregon, we spent Thanksgiving in Eugene, was very nice time with Jess’ brother and family! You get the bug for a little ol’ sailing boat ride give us a call! We are finally getting away from boat some, last year Oaxaca, thinking next week or two up to see the volcano near Colima… Our best to you guys, Jim and Jess

  2. We’ve been on the water too since Dec. 30th when we finally got out of the boatyard: Port Canaveral to Lake Worth (West Palm Beach) to Ft. Lauderdale to Miami to Key Largo — “Just like Bogie & Bacall” — to Marathon to St. Petersburg. Just pulled into the marina this afternoon. We have at least a month worth of small boat projects to take care of. We’re missing Mexico and really missing you guys!

  3. Lisa Trudel says:

    Hello Guys,
    Thank you for keeping me on your list as it is the only way I can get some news from you.
    So happy to see that you are still sailing, fixing Hajime (lol), enjoying Life 😉
    Appreciate the pictures as they make me travel in my head.
    From my side of the world (Montréal), I am enjoying a bizarre winter and my work.
    Life is Good. Sending you both Big Hugs.

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