SHIPWRECK – Punta de Mita

Thought to blog this information since it is so hard to search the information out online…  I am not a novice at the internet, been online since before Al Gore…  And I find the editing/censoring that goes on in current search engines is pretty tough to work around these days…


On New years eve one year ago, Jess and I were sailing s/vHajime around Punta de Mita and had just turned the corner to make the reach to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle when a couple 100+ foot long motor yachts racing with each other played chicken with us (we were under sail).  The 100+ foot jet boat who cut 50 foot in front of our sailing vessel moving from our starboard side to pass us to our port side (we were under sail).  The 100+ foot  jet boat was found on wrecked on the rocks in Punta de Mita that evening…  Try as I might on and off for weeks afterwards and to this day I can find no online information regarding the wrecking of a 100+ foort jet boat onto the shore at Punta de Mita, Nayarit Mexico December 31, 2016.  Interesting huh???

So since I thought I would document what I could on the vessel that ran aground recently here at Punta de Mita, Nayarit MX.



A sailing vessel recently wrecked on the rocks at Punta de Mita, Nayarit Mexico, the NW point of Banderas Bay, Puerta Vallarta area and the word on the docks is that they were using the Garmin charts for their main navigation aid…

Here are some photos of the wreck:

Here is blog from a prior owner of the vessel:

Here is a link to the current owner’s blog:

We are saddened by the events and our hearts go out to all those involved…


Garmin charts have gotten a pretty bad reputation from the cruising community in Mexico:  The accuracy of the California/Mexico charts VUS021R is poor.  This is the Garmin chart we just purchased and updated to the 2018 release on s/vHajime.

We are/have been trying to send Garmin Error reports when we can in order to help get the charts updated…

Error report link:

Garmin has been responding to the reports and we hope to start to see some of the chart errors revised as soon as possible…  I’ve already blogged some of these issues if you look back to the last few blogs, here are some more screen shots from our recent trip down to Barre de Navidad and back:



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  1. Allen Gordon says:

    I saw something similar that happened in channels by Woods Hole MA. In between the channels which are marked with navigation buoys with red buoys to starboard is a very shallow (2 ft) rocky area labeled red ledge on the navigation chart ( The two channels are labeled Broadway and The Strait. A large power cruised piloted by a licensed captain went full speed between the channels into the rocky area where it remained for several days as a warning. I imagine that the captain lost his license for that. The entrance to Great Harbor and the two channels are very clearly marked on the chart as are the depths.

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