Been there…

Happy Valentines Day one and all…  For us it was also an Anniversary, 12 years this year! Woohoo!

We been there, south to Barra de Navidad area and back to Banderas Bay, this year and are in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle at Marina Riveria Nayarit doing some boat cleaning.  Jess is doing some dentistry over in Buscerias…

Some photos from Barra de Navidad:


Some photos from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle:



Besides all the bobbing and rolling in the anchorage, we have done some projects, here is a before and after photo of some sun screen material we have had on boat since putting the dodger on board back in 2010.  So we turned it into a dive bag and have another to make from a second piece of screen material:



Batteries – LiFePo4 update:


Boat LiFePo4 battery final few discharge cycle readings, load was between 8 and 15 Amps for these readings  (NOTE this data is just the last hour of the discharge test):

2018 0215 test

The new Shore charger is now pumping at a rate of 40 Amps back into the 400 Ah battery bank again.  Remember that it is an adjustable charger so you can set it up to not overcharge the LiFePo4 batteries above a safe 13.8 volt charge limit (it seems to work well for these batteries):

Marine Grade Battery Charger, Pronautic 30A, 3 Bank 30 amps

So it looks like we may have lost some capacity from the bank, the last check was March 2017 where we had -321 Ah at 12.6 volts during the discharge cycle test.  This year looks like around 290 Ah plus/minus…  That would be around 9.5% capacity reduction.  I think we will run the test again soon as we can to verify this!



In that vane, here is the test starting 2-16-2018 we drain the battery bank again:

2018 0216 discharge LiFePo4

OK, I tried to collect  a little more data this round.  And from the chart, If I had to guess i would say it was probably around -315 to -318 for the 12.6 volt mark.

So April 2017 discharge test we saw at -321Ah about  12.6 V, we did not discharge down to the 11.8 volts mark.

This February 2018 full test was more controlled than yesterdays, and we saw -315Ah  at the 12.6 volt mark.

If we did loose capacity it looks like 6/321= around 2%.

And loads of room for errors in my testing.  Enough for now, not so bad as I thought yesterday!  Worth doing a couple times a season!



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3 Responses to Been there…

  1. Those batteries are still pretty impressive. I’ll be interested to see the results of the next test and to see if you have really lost that much capacity.

  2. svhajime says:

    running it today!!!! Miss you guys!

  3. svhajime says:

    Done data is at bottom of same post. More controlled today and got a better baseline for any later testing. If we did loose capacity it looks like max 2% and I’m not so sure there is not plus or minus double that 2% of error in the experiment method and equipment!

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