Back in MX but for a Judo Event

Hi all, Jess and I got to go down to Cancun, QR, Mexico last week for the 2018 IJF World Veterans Judo Tournament.  Have not seen official numbers, but they were expecting over 1000 contestants.   I got 5th place out of 13, lucky draw to get a buy first round, won next one, then lost next two.  Jessica won 3 out of 4 matches to take silver .

There are around 10 age divisions for veterans starting at age 30 and progressing in 5 year increments.  Then there are weight classes and men play with men and women play with women.  It makes for a lot of divisions.  It took 4 days to play all the matches starting at 9:30AM each day and running to around 4:30PM.

We were there 9 nights at an Airbnb, it was a good place to stay for that long.  At the event hotel it would have been USD $240 a night for the two of us, USD $2160 plus taxesif you add in 2 omre for 5 days and 2 more at 6 days, it’s like USD $5280 more…   Totaling USD $7440.

At the Airbnb we did 9 nights for USD $685 plus USD $200 for food and drinks for 6 of us.  And we ate out a hand full of times too, maybe another $350.  Totaling  USD $1235.

Some photos of the event :

Some photos of food and sights:

Some photos of the house we rented:

Here is a link to the whole photo album:

Back to boat in December?



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1 Response to Back in MX but for a Judo Event

  1. A&E says:

    It must have been good to be back in Mexico. Great photos. We miss it very much, especially here in cold and windy North Carolina.

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