Back in MX but for a Judo Event


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  1. Lisa Trudel says:

    Hola Amiga, Amigo,

    This is so nice to receive your email! What a gift! Even better knowing that you are enjoying Life and every aspect makes me so happy! You look both healthy and happy. Thank you for sharing your side of the world.

    On my side, I am now a grand-mother of a grand-daughter named LĂ©ane. She is 6 months. It’s awesome.
    My work is good and plenty. So I am not bored with it after doing it for 3 years already.
    I am off work because I had a 6 hours surgery on Oct 26 to remove cancer in my neck. Now it’s all good.
    In 2 weeks, I shall be able to start working again and train as well.

    Please Keep me posted.

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