Dojo upside down cake…

Return to boat:

Jess and I are heading back to svHajime in Mazatlan on Dec 5th.  So in the spirit of “techi stuff” and getting back to blogging, I thought I would start the blog up again.


Summer consisted of painting the building east side or “front”: before and after:

We did judo camp in preparation for the 2018 World Veterans in Cancun:


Camping in WY:

Road trip took us west to Lander WY, Bend OR, Eugene OR, , Down to SF, and back through Yosemite and Ely, Ely, Ely:


Jess did a women’s judo workshop in Pateala India and visited brother Tim in SF.:

And… judo tournaments in Round Rock TX, Grand Rapids MI, Chicago IL, Denver CO, and Dallas TX.  Denver Judo won the team trophy (again) at the Denver Judo Fall Classic.


Oh, and of course:

We have the most handsome grandson ever:


Techie – background:

Back in 2005 when we purchased the middle unit of a triplex at 719 Mariposa St. in Denver, we remodeled the warehouse we purchased and put in the judo workout area.  The building has concrete floors but for a dojo floor we wanted to put in a flexible or sprung floor under the mats.

So in 2005 before we did anything else, we experimented with some 7/16 plywood sheeting and samples of available ethafoam we obtained from a supplier.

So off to the dojo and we built the floor on a little larger scale.

But from the beginning, we had the problem of retaining the mats and floor sheeting so that it could FLOAT but not come apart under the mats.  The long walls worked to retain the floor in one direction, but  the other direction was open to movement. We tried straps and Velcro:

And we tried screwing the layers together.  None of this seemed very effective.  The floor sheeting scooted apart under the mats and developed openings between the mats.  Dangerous in judo, easy to catch a toe in the cracks and someone could get hurt.  Over the past 13 years we have re-set the floor 3 or 4 times.

This years issues with the floor:

After building the Denver Floating Floor back in 2005, we placed the plans for the floor on the internet, free for the asking.  Many judo and jujitsu clubs have built the floor.  And long ago we changed the “How To” documents to suggest retaining the floor with 4×4’s bolted to the building flooring and floating the sprung flooring inside these retaining 4×4’s.

So finally after 13 years, this week, we just finished bolting retaining 4×4’s  to the floor at Denver Judo.  All it took was 4 each 10 foot long 4×4’s, a concrete drill, and some concrete anchors, a few drill bits, etc. :

    IMG_20181125_110953624  floor dwg

Looks like it should keep the floor and mats together and everyone’s toes safe!

By the way it takes moving approximately one hundred 40 pound mats ( 4000 pounds ) at least a couple times in order to straighten out the sub floor in our dojo!

See y’all on the boat !

FIN – Jim and Jess

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2 Responses to Dojo upside down cake…

  1. Val and Mike says:

    What a busy year. We just got back home from the HaHa…interesting. We may consider doing it on Red Sky when we head south. Had my surgery on 11/19 – no degenerated cartilage as depicted on the MRI only a torn meniscus which the doctor repaired. Will be on crutches through the end of the year with two to three months for full recovery. Have fun…we look forward to reading your post.


    Val and Mikey

  2. Lisa Trudel says:

    Hello Jim,
    Hola Jessica,

    So happy to read your email. Thanks.
    Congrats on all your trip and judo tournament.
    What you have done with the dojo is amazing!!!

    I’ve been doing better on my side of the world.
    I had a major surgery at the end of October to remove most on my throats cancer.
    Going to go see my doctors again this week. I’ll know if i have to do chemin or not. crossing my fingers for a No need answer.
    All is good. Sending a Huge hugs from Montreal

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