Eight weeks in Mexico, so far – 2019


We arrived in Mazatlan December 05, 2018, Jim started his residente permanente work on the 14th of December and finished after the holidays on the 10th if January 2019.  Jessica started on the 10th of Jan and is still waiting for the final notice to pick-up her card.  We gave up on waiting in Mazatlan for the finger print notice a couple weeks ago and headed south.  Mazatlan to San Blas to Jaltembe to Puerto Vallarta.  Spent a week in Puerto Vallarta, Marina Vallarta,  visiting with the Bergers and now we are hanging out in the Marina Nayarit anchorage.

Jim got some boat waxing done in the marina, Jessica took a bus ride to Mazatlan, 8 hours, stayed the night and got fingerprinted and paid her final payment on the residente permanente process and then got on a bus to return to PV.  All told a thirty two  hour adventure.

Photo bits:

Old Harbor in Mazatlan:


Boat work while waiting around for IMM…


Trip south, Jess finds the best spots to stand watch (and off watch)…


Puerto Vallarta…



Waiting patiently for visitors…

INFO bits TECHIE TIME – Fees for residente permanente. ( and it took 4 years)

  1. Consulate in Denver with proof of income and savings ( needed passport photos too), receive a visa sticker in your passport.  approx $50 USD per person.
  2. Visit immigration at the Mexico border and get a special visa, no extra cost and start a 30 day countdown to visit your resident state immigration office in Mexico.
  3. Get your paperwork in order, we used a lady near the Mazatlan Immigration office and it ran about $25 per visit and you see her the first time, at the end on one year, and at the four year mark.  Total about $75 USD.   She takes required photos and originates and gets your paperwork in order so you can walk over to the IMM office and start/continue/finish the process.
  4. Each visit to the office there is a “change in status request fee”, you are required to pay this fee and then any fee required for the resident card itself.  The first visit it was under $1000 pesos, maybe $800 or so, it’s hard to remember 4 years ago but let’s call it $1000 peso for each of the 3 card visits. totaling about $150 USD.
  5. Each card visit periods takes about 3 to 4 weeks.  Day one is to pay the change request fees and start the paperwork moving.  Ten days later you are called in to get fingerprinted and pay the resident card fee, different fees for one year card vs three year card, etc.  Mazatlan required us to do a one year card followed by a three year card after 12 months and then 3 years later we were allowed to apply for the permanent cards.  One year card fees were around $3000 pesos, 3 year card was around $7000 pesos and the permamnete card was $5200 pesos.  Totaling around $15000 pesos or around $800 USD per person.  And taking 4 years.
  6. Grand total $50+$75+$150+$800=$1075 per person

So why do it?  First thing we did not know the true cost when we started the process.  And other consulates and immigration office combinations in Mexico seem to work under different rules which allow for quite a bit lower fees.  Some Mexico Consulates are rumored (on the internet blogs and pages) to process you directly for a permanent card.  This would reduce your fees to around $7000 pesos plus the paperwork/photo fees or around a total of maybe $500 USD per person.

So why do it?  What you receive if you make frequent and long term stays in Mexico are:

  • If you fly, you can get refunded to VISA fee that is default purchased on every plane ticket.
  • You can stay in mexico, legally, for over 6 months at a time without leaving the country at the end of your 180 day tourist visa.
  • You can open bank accounts, we did not try to open an account with a tourist visa only, but don’t think it works?  https://qroo.us/2017/01/15/opening-a-bank-account-in-mexico-benefits-and-requirements/
  • You can import your household goods into mexico, one time, without import duty.
  • Is easier for spouse of card holder to apply, I think?

Why you may not want to do it?

  • A temporary import permit for a motor vehicle (car/truck/etc.) may not be possible for a resident card holder.  ( I think this does not apply for marine vessels).

Not really techie was it?

Fin for now

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