Weather or knots…

Been pretty slow going

We just been tooling around Banderas Bay, stayed a bit at Punta de Mita.  It was our first time ashore there.  It is a different little town and not at all what we expected.  When seen from the boat, you see the resorts on the water on the west side of the point.  But the town is a classic Mexican village, with a lot of gringos mulling around.  When leaving after a couple days of 20+ knot blows we sailed south across the bay, motored east a little then sailed west back to La Cruz.

Saw, from the water, places we hiked a couple years back…

Bad photo but we been floating past the end of dock 11 at the marina for last few weeks and it finally hit us what’s wrong with this picture???  The dredge SANK!  The dock crew are trying to float it with bladders and air pump maybe?


Not a lot, we did try a new paste wax and are still happiest with the Collinite #884.  Close second was Big White but the Collinite goes on and comes off so easy it’s a pleasure to use…

Image result for paste wax whale        Image result for paste wax collinite 884

Re-built the old raw water pump with the rebuild kit we got from, thanks again Lisa from Beta and our mules from Denver!

Techie stuff

Sailing, or moving your house around like we do, is very dependent on the winds and weather.  Most mornings here in Banderas Bay there is a Banderas bay cruisers net on marine VHF channel 22A  and Mike Danielson from PV Sailing and North Sails,,  performs the boating community a great service by offering a sailing oriented weather forecast on the VHF.  Mike also helps this community out with their longer range sailing weather windows as well.

Besides the local help, here are a couple of wind and weather forecast internet web sites, both are excellent at combining ocean swell, wind swell, currents, etc., to make a little better picture of what to expect when sailing:,-105.688,6




There are lots more, including US Navy and NOAA sites and commercial sites and downloadable GRIBS, GRIB (GRIdded Binary or General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form) and satellite weather services and… everyone has their favorites!  Pick one!



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