WORKING our way to Guaymas, Sonora

Plans and more plans

Hi all,  we are not in Puerto Vallarta anymore.  Somos en Guaymas, Sonora MX.

Adios old friend

Before leaving La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, we decided to invest in a dinghy.  Matte, our Walker Bay 8, by name, was having trouble supporting the Mercury 5 HP 2 stroke we bought a couple years ago.

Friends on s/v Landfall had a great family, Boca, for placing the Walker Bay 8 with sail kit and water wings.  Very sad to see her go, but to a family made us feel better…

Standing in on our fore deck is a new addition to the family, names “Yoshi”.  Welcome!

Of course it needed a hydrofoil…

The new dink did not get up and plane the way we would like and before spending dollars on a hydrofoil kit, we decided to make one from a piece of HDPE  and some sawing and drilling and tapping and screws and washers and VIOLA!

It took a count to 15 seconds or so prior to installing the hydrofoil for the dink to plane with one person on board and now it takes maybe a 7 second count.  Better!  May be worth the cost…


We left La Cruz de Huanacaxtle before sunrise in the morning and decided to make the run to Mazatlan.  PV to Mazatlan was 30 hours or so.  We stayed just long enough to make sure the weather was good, changed the oil and today after 3 nights out motoring and sailing we are in San Carlos Bay, just outside of Guaymas in Sonora MX.

Both legs of the trip were pretty great.  Following winds and seas for the most part.  Some really nice sunsets and sun rises ( I had sunset shift and missed most of the sun rises).

The plans

The “plan” is to haul out at Marina Guaymas and do some work on the boat.  Probably will schedule the work for this summer:

The list:

  1. Un-step the mast and change out a wire and take care of the cable slapping sounds in the mast.
  2. See if there is a rigger in Guaymas and check to see if our standing rigging is good to go another 9 years…  If not replace the standing rigging.
  3. Sand and Paint the bottom of Hajime.
  4.  Repack the shaft log.
  5. Maybe replace the sole teak in the cockpit.

Techie (sure)…

Last couple blogs find me bragging about the spare alternator and the really neat way to put an adjustable regulator on it!  Well every silver lining hits the coffin with a nail, or something like that…  The regulator does work.  I, however, chose an alternator with one not enough ridges in the belt pulley and it sort of fit the motor (almost) properly.


So when the motor started to overheat on leaving Mazatlan for Guaymas / San Carlos, of course, it must have been something to do with the last thing we changed on the motor…

Soooo underway we changed the alternator back to the original one that came with the motor.  I did move the adjustable regulator to the OE alternator though!

Fired up the motor and it seemed to work fine for a couple hours so we pointed the bow north again and aimed for Guaymas.

A day later after sailing for a time we began motoring as winds died and she over heated once again.  Huh?  Maybe the belt that was worn from the incorrect pulley was an issue?

So we replaced the belt and the overheating continued…

I know, I know, THERMOSTAT!

It should have been the first choice in the logic tree for the intermediate problem of overheating.  We changed out the thermostat and it is holding fine.

Part of making this item the last part we chose to replace was because  I was not sure where it went on the motor.

Turns out, it goes here (see photo) and changes out in 10 minutes with a 1/2 inch wrench!:


Need to get a mechanical manual for the Beta 30.  If anyone has one, let me know!

On arrival:

Of course margaritas and Jess made a fantastic pizza!  Yes after 4 days and three nights on the water and waves… PIZZA!  NICE!



Part numbers to remember:


Oil Filter 211-60390 SKU: 211-60390.Categories: .Tag: DESCRIPTION Oil Filter for Beta 28-38   (except remote oil filter) cross reference # wix 51344/ kubota 16271-32090 Fram PH3593A Fram PH9688

Belt PIX-X’ceed 6 PK 1038. ANTISTATIC. OIL & HEAT RESIDENT.     Or optibelt 6 PK 1038  (1040 would fit fine)

Air Filter 211-08132 19.80 SKU: 211-08132.Categories: .Tag: DESCRIPTION  Air Filter for All Beta 14-38 with Plastic Body ONLY from Mar 2011; (NOT Beta35-38  during year 2011 only- use 211-08133)  – hifi filter SA 19704  4″ tall 4″ OD 2.75″ ID, closed one end. is OK


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