Denver, you can’t sail to Denver!

Things went pretty well for us on the trip to Guaymas/San Carlos in Sonora MX.  Four days/3 nights from Mazatlan, following seas (mostly) and a little sailing wind. We did have a bit of an issue with motor overheating, but the spare thermostat took care of it (last post tells all).

More sunrises and sunsets, of course!  Maybe a little fog.



After arrival, a few phone calls got us a haul-out date at Marina Guaymas (Gabriel’s) and a reservation for 3 days at the Guaymas Fonatur Marina.  We were not sure the new dingy was going to fit inside the cabin for storage, but it slid right in (last thing to store).

San Carlos to Guaymas was a little of a rocky ride, maybe 4 hours but Guaymas harbor was very quiet, Fonatur was an easy docking.



Cleaned up boat and ready for haul-out. Hauling was a breeze, we had to drop the front stay but it only took half an hour or so.  The travel lift at Marina Guaymas is a little smaller than ones we have seen in the past.


Soon as we had a haul out date we got on with scheduling a bus to Phoenix and airline to Denver.  Haul out was scheduled for 10:00 AM May 03, bus for 5:00PM same day and airline for 11:50 AM the next day May o4. 2019.

FIN  (for the summer?)


Fonatur Marina dock rental was $256  MX per day for 3 days totaled $42 USD

Marina Guaymas Haul out , pressure wash, and 3 months yard storage was $612 USD

What happened to the sun ( photo from back door in Denver)


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  1. Bob Carpenter says:

    But the pictures didn’t come through.


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