On the rode again???

Yes, sorry for the punny title…  Specially to the two of you!

Not a lot to tell.

We did plan the departure for the high tide at 9:57AM Monday January 13.  Plans plans plans. Plan was to get fuel at the Fonatur docks but the attendant never showed up? We called the El Cid fuel dock and they were more than happy to sell us our 160 liters of diesel for $198 USD.  $1.24  a liter or $4.70 a gallon.   Includes the marine surcharge what ever that is?  On the street the posted price for diesel is like 21 pesos…

El Cid is right at the harbor mouth and we had no problems leaving.  The dredge was not operating at 10:45 when we finally left.

We left Mazatlan in a lack of a huff, seas were calm sun was out whales were playing:

Overnight was fairly pleasant, we double reefed the main and used it to sail down wind in an 18 to 20 knot northerly.  Motor sailed some of the time to help smooth out the lumps.

IMG_4946 (Copy)

As we PASSED Isla Isabela we counted 5 sailing vessels in the east anchorage and three in the south.  Long distance photo…

IMG_4958 (Copy)

And now we are in Matanchen bay, south of San Blas and plan to pick up some banana bread, see friends Varo and Alicia at their palapa restaurant on shore.

IMG_4965 (Copy)

FIN for now


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1 Response to On the rode again???

  1. SailVivacia says:

    I love the pun! I think I may borrow it for my note to family tonight to tell them that we will finally be venturing out again. Two months on the dock — a month of it visiting CA and TX for the holidays — is just too long. Leaving Vero Beach in the morning for Stuart to attend a PDQ gathering and pick up our repaired screecher sail. A week in Stuart tops, then we’ll be continuing south and on around to the west coast to spend a month or two in St. Petersburg.

    Cuidado down there in Matanchen Bay. That’s where friends were boarded in the night when we were buddy-boating down the coast in 2013. Hopefully, things are safer there now.


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