Synthetic Standing Rigging

What we did, first we ordered following materials:

From Jimmy Green Dynice Dux 8mm:


From Ebay and Downwind Marine, Hayn Toggle jaw:


From Defender Dyneema 1/8″ whipping line:


From Wally world online??? THIMBLES:


From Amazon, Scissors that can cut dyneema:


From EXTSW.COM SPACERS 1/2 and 5/8ID…


1/2" ID 316 stainless steel washers

We also had some nice large line FIDS and smaller whipping line if needed (have not needed it yet).  Also brought some heat shrink for a diameter for 5/16 line  (the kind without adhesive) and the heat gun.  We have used some polyester 1/8 inch line to add chafe guard to the shrouds where jib sheets or other lines tend to rub.

Techie bits:

Project was to replace 316 SS standing rigging 4 lower shrouds were 1/4 inch diameter with 1/2 inch turnbuckles.  Back stay and side stays were 5/16 inch diameter with 5/8 inch  turnbuckles.

Found out that the convention is to put the LH threaded toggle LOWER in a build leaving the RH threaded for the swedge fitting end. 

Important to know, just in case we brought to Mexico both RH and LH toggles for the upper end of each of the seven turnbuckles…  And a spare of each size turnbuckle complete.  Turned out only one of the 5/8 turnbuckles needed replaced after a rough disassembly…

Photos of mast top and center:


Photos of side stay rigging:


And yes, in order to get the lengths pretty good, we did our best figuring and still had to shorten all the stays/shrouds by 3 to 5 inches in order to get them short enough to adjust with the turnbuckles.  So far we have only removed and replaced the original splices at the thimbles one time on each line.

We do like the way the 316 SS spacers worked, however we could not fit them and thimbles side by side in the lower shroud connection plates just under the spreader on the mast. So we ended up with one on a pin only, and one on a spacer only. both without thimbles.  Word in the literature is that as long as the pin is AT LEAST THE DIAMETER of the line that is brummel spliced around it, then the failure will be elsewhere in the line/connector system!!!

We have been through some  pretty poor seas/weather since launch and are very happy with the synthetics so far!

Some project photos:


The red mark in photo above was our best guess of the insertion nearest to the thimble for the brummel splices, we of course added length around the thimble and bury length to this mark.  We estimated 3 inches construction contraction in the line lengths and thought we could pull them out with the jib sheet winches.

When we were done constructing the stays/shrouds, with the turnbuckles mostly at full extension, it was EASY to step the mast and make it secure.  The next day we re-spliced each end individually and added the 1/8 whipping line to the system.

After sailing some and working more and more of the construction contraction from the splices, we have gotten to the point where four of the 7 lines have no whipping needed and we still have takeup in those four turnbuckles.  Woohoo!

We may re-splice the side stay/shroud one day since a couple rotations of the turnbuckles un-load them completely.  The backstay, however will probably always want the whipping since the rig wants to move forward when we release tension on this line and it takes over 35 full turns on the turnbuckle to un-load it…

Oh yes, by the way, there are whales out here!

IMG_5054 (Copy)

Fin (again)

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