Dojo upside down cake…

Return to boat:

Jess and I are heading back to svHajime in Mazatlan on Dec 5th.  So in the spirit of “techi stuff” and getting back to blogging, I thought I would start the blog up again.


Summer consisted of painting the building east side or “front”: before and after:

We did judo camp in preparation for the 2018 World Veterans in Cancun:


Camping in WY:

Road trip took us west to Lander WY, Bend OR, Eugene OR, , Down to SF, and back through Yosemite and Ely, Ely, Ely:


Jess did a women’s judo workshop in Pateala India and visited brother Tim in SF.:

And… judo tournaments in Round Rock TX, Grand Rapids MI, Chicago IL, Denver CO, and Dallas TX.  Denver Judo won the team trophy (again) at the Denver Judo Fall Classic.


Oh, and of course:

We have the most handsome grandson ever:


Techie – background:

Back in 2005 when we purchased the middle unit of a triplex at 719 Mariposa St. in Denver, we remodeled the warehouse we purchased and put in the judo workout area.  The building has concrete floors but for a dojo floor we wanted to put in a flexible or sprung floor under the mats.

So in 2005 before we did anything else, we experimented with some 7/16 plywood sheeting and samples of available ethafoam we obtained from a supplier.

So off to the dojo and we built the floor on a little larger scale.

But from the beginning, we had the problem of retaining the mats and floor sheeting so that it could FLOAT but not come apart under the mats.  The long walls worked to retain the floor in one direction, but  the other direction was open to movement. We tried straps and Velcro:

And we tried screwing the layers together.  None of this seemed very effective.  The floor sheeting scooted apart under the mats and developed openings between the mats.  Dangerous in judo, easy to catch a toe in the cracks and someone could get hurt.  Over the past 13 years we have re-set the floor 3 or 4 times.

This years issues with the floor:

After building the Denver Floating Floor back in 2005, we placed the plans for the floor on the internet, free for the asking.  Many judo and jujitsu clubs have built the floor.  And long ago we changed the “How To” documents to suggest retaining the floor with 4×4’s bolted to the building flooring and floating the sprung flooring inside these retaining 4×4’s.

So finally after 13 years, this week, we just finished bolting retaining 4×4’s  to the floor at Denver Judo.  All it took was 4 each 10 foot long 4×4’s, a concrete drill, and some concrete anchors, a few drill bits, etc. :

    IMG_20181125_110953624  floor dwg

Looks like it should keep the floor and mats together and everyone’s toes safe!

By the way it takes moving approximately one hundred 40 pound mats ( 4000 pounds ) at least a couple times in order to straighten out the sub floor in our dojo!

See y’all on the boat !

FIN – Jim and Jess

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Back in MX but for a Judo Event

Hi all, Jess and I got to go down to Cancun, QR, Mexico last week for the 2018 IJF World Veterans Judo Tournament.  Have not seen official numbers, but they were expecting over 1000 contestants.   I got 5th place out of 13, lucky draw to get a buy first round, won next one, then lost next two.  Jessica won 3 out of 4 matches to take silver .

There are around 10 age divisions for veterans starting at age 30 and progressing in 5 year increments.  Then there are weight classes and men play with men and women play with women.  It makes for a lot of divisions.  It took 4 days to play all the matches starting at 9:30AM each day and running to around 4:30PM.

We were there 9 nights at an Airbnb, it was a good place to stay for that long.  At the event hotel it would have been USD $240 a night for the two of us, USD $2160 plus taxesif you add in 2 omre for 5 days and 2 more at 6 days, it’s like USD $5280 more…   Totaling USD $7440.

At the Airbnb we did 9 nights for USD $685 plus USD $200 for food and drinks for 6 of us.  And we ate out a hand full of times too, maybe another $350.  Totaling  USD $1235.

Some photos of the event :

Some photos of food and sights:

Some photos of the house we rented:

Here is a link to the whole photo album:

Back to boat in December?



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The rest of 2018. We have not been at the boat since late March…

So what have we been doing?

( this is for our friends who like to keep track of us and hate Facebook)

We left s/v Hajime in Mazatlan March 22, 2018 in order to make it back to Denver for the Denver Classic Spring Judo tournament on March 24th.

The event was a success as usual thanks to the efforts of Scott and Heidi Moore and the whole Denver Judo team.

Colorado Judo State tournament followed closely April 14th.  Jim played, not very well, for the first time since around 2012.


Apr 15 through 21 we drove to Indiana to see Mom and Grandson, Whitney, who was born this year on February 9th.

Senior nationals Judo tournament was May 9 through 14 and we drove to Round Rock TX and back for the event.  Both Jim and Jessica played and got medals, woohoo!


June 9 through 15th we helped friend John Kuony move the 48 foot Ketch, Perseverance, from Port Everglades FL up the coast to Hilton Head Island SC.  It was the first time sailing/motoring of the east coast for us.  Way cool!

July 5 through 8 we attended the USJA/USJF summer Nationals in Grand Rapids, MI to referee for Jim and mostly to see Daughter Amanda, Steven and the new Grandson Whitney James Rainey.

July 25 was Jim’s 62nd b-day.

On the 26th he drove to Chicago to help out at the (brand new event) Komatsu Cup juniors only Judo clinic and tournament.  Then to IN to see family before coming back to Denver.


Mix in the botanical gardens here in Denver, visits with friends and family,  and lots of Judo workouts. Andrew bought a house and some remodeling, and that catches us up on the summer so far.



Still need to paint the front of 719 Mariposa St. here in Denver.  Soon as we get Andrew settled a bit more…

Jess wants to road trip west in the middle of September.  There is a veterans Judo tournament in Cancun, MX in October and Jessica is maybe going to India to help with a women’s development program in November.

We have to be in Mazatlan MX in December for our residency permits.

Caught up!

FIN (for now)


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Boat season wrap-up

Short season for us

But first:  My daughter, Amanda and husband, Steven Rainey have created a son, their first!  Only seen via Skype so far!


Back to Boat:  It has been a short boat season for us this year, 2018.  Jess says that maybe we will come pet the boat in July or August and try for the Sea then.  We shall see!

Last post got us to early February.  Since then we returned to Banderas Bay from locations south or there.  Jess did some dental work at a local dentist in Bucerias Nayarti MX.  Where a crown runs around $2000 peso or $108 USD.  WooHoo!  Jim got a case of dengue fever and was down and out a couple weeks.  We stayed at dock in Marina Riveria Nayarit for the dental and fever stuff.

Friends Jeanine and John from SF area came to stay a week in Yelapa, Jalisco MX on the south shore of  Banderas Bay and we got to play with them a hand full of days.  Way fun!

Season ended with a very quiet motor up to Mazatlan, a record breaking short time for boat closing and a couple nights hotel stay to see how the other half do it.  Then a CHEAP flight back to Denver via Phoenix from Mazatlan on American Airlines.

AIRLINE RANT:  The airline people who are making the rules that the people actually doing the work have to run with are the ASSHOLES.  The people we interacted with during our flights were first rate!  Have to say, we did a 5 wee trip on maybe 6 different European airlines last June/July and seating and baggage rules were ALWAYS excellent, not to mention the drinks and snacks which put US based airlines to shame!

Last projects; we find that the port lights remain sound if we keep the rubber seals clean and closed tightly!  Have put replacement seals and a screen and maybe a lens or two on the parts list for next season.   We are finally getting the wood toe rail and misc. teak parts on the boat clean of the varnish and ceatol which we have used in the past.  I think we will just plan to keep them washed when needed.

We found the sealant failed under the salon hatch.  The rope seal we replaced this year did not do the trick so we pulled the hatch up and sealed it with butyl tape.  Worked great!


I am going to blame the leak, 40 years after the boat was constructed, on the method used to install the hatch.  The hatch is screwed down with a coarse wood screw into the fiberglass coach roof surface.  The installer drilled a pilot hole for the screws but failed to make the countersink at the hole surface so ALL the screw holes had spalled around tthe screw hole.  This condition made it difficult to tighten and seal the hatch base properly.  A blow up photo at a spall.

Salon hatch detail

The photos:

Bay with friends:


Boat wrap up:

That last hotel:



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Been there…

Happy Valentines Day one and all…  For us it was also an Anniversary, 12 years this year! Woohoo!

We been there, south to Barra de Navidad area and back to Banderas Bay, this year and are in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle at Marina Riveria Nayarit doing some boat cleaning.  Jess is doing some dentistry over in Buscerias…

Some photos from Barra de Navidad:


Some photos from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle:



Besides all the bobbing and rolling in the anchorage, we have done some projects, here is a before and after photo of some sun screen material we have had on boat since putting the dodger on board back in 2010.  So we turned it into a dive bag and have another to make from a second piece of screen material:



Batteries – LiFePo4 update:


Boat LiFePo4 battery final few discharge cycle readings, load was between 8 and 15 Amps for these readings  (NOTE this data is just the last hour of the discharge test):

2018 0215 test

The new Shore charger is now pumping at a rate of 40 Amps back into the 400 Ah battery bank again.  Remember that it is an adjustable charger so you can set it up to not overcharge the LiFePo4 batteries above a safe 13.8 volt charge limit (it seems to work well for these batteries):

Marine Grade Battery Charger, Pronautic 30A, 3 Bank 30 amps

So it looks like we may have lost some capacity from the bank, the last check was March 2017 where we had -321 Ah at 12.6 volts during the discharge cycle test.  This year looks like around 290 Ah plus/minus…  That would be around 9.5% capacity reduction.  I think we will run the test again soon as we can to verify this!



In that vane, here is the test starting 2-16-2018 we drain the battery bank again:

2018 0216 discharge LiFePo4

OK, I tried to collect  a little more data this round.  And from the chart, If I had to guess i would say it was probably around -315 to -318 for the 12.6 volt mark.

So April 2017 discharge test we saw at -321Ah about  12.6 V, we did not discharge down to the 11.8 volts mark.

This February 2018 full test was more controlled than yesterdays, and we saw -315Ah  at the 12.6 volt mark.

If we did loose capacity it looks like 6/321= around 2%.

And loads of room for errors in my testing.  Enough for now, not so bad as I thought yesterday!  Worth doing a couple times a season!



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SHIPWRECK – Punta de Mita

Thought to blog this information since it is so hard to search the information out online…  I am not a novice at the internet, been online since before Al Gore…  And I find the editing/censoring that goes on in current search engines is pretty tough to work around these days…


On New years eve one year ago, Jess and I were sailing s/vHajime around Punta de Mita and had just turned the corner to make the reach to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle when a couple 100+ foot long motor yachts racing with each other played chicken with us (we were under sail).  The 100+ foot jet boat who cut 50 foot in front of our sailing vessel moving from our starboard side to pass us to our port side (we were under sail).  The 100+ foot  jet boat was found on wrecked on the rocks in Punta de Mita that evening…  Try as I might on and off for weeks afterwards and to this day I can find no online information regarding the wrecking of a 100+ foort jet boat onto the shore at Punta de Mita, Nayarit Mexico December 31, 2016.  Interesting huh???

So since I thought I would document what I could on the vessel that ran aground recently here at Punta de Mita, Nayarit MX.



A sailing vessel recently wrecked on the rocks at Punta de Mita, Nayarit Mexico, the NW point of Banderas Bay, Puerta Vallarta area and the word on the docks is that they were using the Garmin charts for their main navigation aid…

Here are some photos of the wreck:

Here is blog from a prior owner of the vessel:

Here is a link to the current owner’s blog:

We are saddened by the events and our hearts go out to all those involved…


Garmin charts have gotten a pretty bad reputation from the cruising community in Mexico:  The accuracy of the California/Mexico charts VUS021R is poor.  This is the Garmin chart we just purchased and updated to the 2018 release on s/vHajime.

We are/have been trying to send Garmin Error reports when we can in order to help get the charts updated…

Error report link:

Garmin has been responding to the reports and we hope to start to see some of the chart errors revised as soon as possible…  I’ve already blogged some of these issues if you look back to the last few blogs, here are some more screen shots from our recent trip down to Barre de Navidad and back:



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Week #?… Oh who cares???

Been on the water since leaving Puerto Vallarta, mostly,  until breakfast today in Barre de Navidad, best chili rellenos con camerones ever!  Oh yes, and a beer!  Maybe it WAS closer to lunch time…  Yes there is helado in MX but it’s just not the same!

Where now?

PV to Chamela to Tennicatita to Playa Cuastecomates to Barre de Navidad…

2018 0117 max.PNG

Image result for barra de navidad    Related image

Stuff that broke this week:

  • I tried to get the the hand pump to pump better… and tightened a fitting too tightly and broke the plastic pump body, hope to get friends to bring a new one down in March…  Image result for hand pump marine fynspray
  • Got the sewing machine out to re-stitch some canvas.  The sun just eats the stitching up.  This is the second time in 7 years to re-stitch, so not too bad.  Broke the thread tension spring on the Reliable Barracuda 2000u-33 sewing machine, hope to get friends to bring a new one down in March… Reliable BARRACUDA 200ZW Portable Walking Foot & Zig-Zag Sewing Machine  
  • Not broken, but squeaking!  We greased up the windlass and it does not squeak any more.  Manual says do this as an annual maintenance item! Anchor Windlasses lewmar 6656411108 102
  • POS $120 Xantrex Echo Charger took a dump.  Replaced it with our Wagen DC/DC charger est $15.  (When you start an engine you use a very little amount of the charge from the starter battery and using the alternator on the engine to replace the charge you just used is rather inefficient.  The AMPS would be much more appreciated in most HOUSE battery banks! This is how s/v Hajime is wired.  But you still need to get that 2% or so AMPS back into the starter battery.  A DC/DC charger is a nice way to do this.)  By the way, every Xantrex device we have had on the boat has broken in normal use!

Xantrex Heart Echo Charge Charging Panel - 82-0123-01  


Took some MORE  sunrise and sunset photos, I know – I know, but what else do you do with them?  Jessica had a night shift with bio-luminescent dolphins!  She said you could try to describe them, but they just refuse to be photographed…



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Left PV for sur…

2017 Jan 14, we have been in MX since the 10th of December and are heading south (sur) down the coast for Chamela, Tennicatita, Barre de Navidad, maybe Santiago Bay and maybe Zihuatanejo this year?  I’m writing this blog from Chamela bay, we just arrived this morning.  Hurricane Patricia in 2015 came ashore over Chamela, Jalisco MX …

Since last post we moved Hajime from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle anchorage onto dock at Marina Vallarta. Had a lovely week visiting with Jess’ dad’s cousins, Bob and Bobbie Berger.  We did do a snorkeling trip with friends from Devil’s Bar out to the Arches, (Los Arcos)   it was a blast, but alas no photos…   a link to google photos…   And the tree house is on the golf course near the marina, thought it was cute!

We did get a little work done, finally got everything waxed, got a gallon of 303 fabric guard and sprayed all the canvas avert washing it well.  Got a new antenna for VHF (we have two) and installed it. Zaragoza chandlery has most everything you might need and sometimes prices are not too bad.  I think the Shakespeare 5215 classic was like $84 usd minus 7% pay with CC or -10% pay cash.  So $76 USD.  If you bought it in USA and paid the 16% import you would be real close to that!  And you get to climb the mast and photo the marina a bit…

Interesting thing happened on leaving Marina Vallarta, you pass through the commercial port and a USA Coast Guard Cutter was docking.  Seems everyone should be on ch 13 and wait for the port captain to open the harbor again…  We were hailed be a gentleman in a fishing vessel and schooled on the protocol…  Nicely done.  We circled in the harbor with the rest of the fishing boats until the all clear was given, maybe 5 minutes…

And a lovely sail/motor south 90 Nm from port to bay…  Some whales, hand a handfull of vessels of interest.

We were hailed after dark and complimented on our running lights visibility and shared via VHF radio and email  the details on them, they are inexpensive Attwood Marine LED lights we put into service in 2015/6.  The mounting we dreamed up with spare parts, never throw anything away???


And finally, I wrote in an earlier post that I was corresponding with Garmin and that I would follow up.  The Garmin representative has responded, again, and tells me that my input is helpful, well he wrote that “the Marine Dept. was working on the items that I submitted”.   Hey why not?

Here are some chartplotter screen shots showing the satellite imagery supplied on the Garmin VUS021R G2 Vision card I purchased with 50 percent transparency over the marine chart and some have both radar and depth sounding data too.   You can see the charts need updating in some places.  Hope Garmin can get it together because other than the poor charting we are liking our new GPSMAP 840XS and GT21 sonar transducer!

They do get thumbs up on the areas they have been updating!

  • They have updated Puerto Angel in Oaxaca, but have still missed the sudo Fonatur marina in Chahue Oaxaca,,+P+Marina+Chahue,+70987+La+Crucecita,+Oaxaca,+Mexico/@15.762901,-96.1252691,1498m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x85bf2111ebbe261f:0x1ab1b387424b00a!8m2!3d15.7639334!4d-96.1218158
  • Mazatlan was mostly done very well, they miss-labeled the Fonatur Marina, but they have missed them in ALL of MEXICO!
  • Isla Isabel was prety good
  • The San Blas – Mantanchen Bay areas were very good and Chacala was bang on as was the coast line until we hit N 20 deg. 55 min then south of there the shoreline was off by 1/4 mile or more…
  • The coastline around Punta de Mita when heading south and turning into Banderas Bay is VERY BAD, the light in not in operation, as charted, it and the buoy are misplaced.  The anchorage has some rocky shallow areas that can be very dangerous on both the east and the west ends.
  • Later in the trip I figured out how to take screen shots from the GPSMAP 840XS by pressing and holding the “home” button for a few seconds so I got some later images showing radar echo that matches up with the satellite imagery well but with the chart shore contours “not so well”.

I’ll keep after sending in error reports and let y’all know if they are updating!






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Banderas Bay, the new sonar transducer, lithium batteries, Garmin charts, etc. tech(ish)

We are in Banderas Bay.  After new years eve in Punta de Mita and a few days at anchor near La Cruz de Huanacaxtle outside Marina Riveria Nayarit, we are now at dock in Marina Valarta and visiting family on vacation…

Banderas bay has four marinas and a couple pretty good anchorages to choose from.


  • Marina Riviera Nayarit,,
  • Paradise Village Marina,
  • Marina Vallarta,
  • Nuevo Vallarta Marina,


  • Punta de Mita – not bad for a few nights
  • La Cruz de Huanacaxtle – most popular , services at marina, dinghy dock $40 peso/day
  • Yelapa – a bit rolly sometimes, you can find a mooring from a panguero


We put the Garmin GPSMAP 840XS into Hajime in December and it worked fine as a replacement for the GPSMAP 3206 which it replaced.  Since it had the GPS integral, all we were worried about were the power +/-  power leads and the NMEA data leads in the connector so we cut the old one and spliced cables to do the hookup!  No trying to run cables up the binnacle.  The sonar was another issue, we (OK, just JIM really) have been wanting a fish finder/sonar at the helm and not just a depth sounder.  With the GPSMAP 840XS we opted for the GT21 hoping we could figure out a way to mount it inside the hull and shoot through for operating.  We did this with the Garmin GPSMAP 441, our backup chart plotter/ sonar, and with the Navionics T-Box transducers (

We did do the in-hull mount and so far all looks to work well.  Tested the unit with some clay to make a dam with water around and under the transducer to see if it worked and it was seemed fine but we were in the marina at dock…  In the end, after finding a tube of sealant in the hardware in Mazatlan which turned out to be water soluble, cleaning that mess up and finding a tube of silicon in San Blas, we just stuck it down on a blob of silicon, being careful to get NO AIR BUBBLES in the silicon under the unit.

Lithium Batteries:

I mentioned in an earlier blog that this year when we returned to the boat the voltage on the 400 Ah lithium battery house bank in Hajime was at resting voltage of 13.22.  We had isolated these batteries from charge and discharge back in early April 2017 when they were at a resting voltage of 13.54 volts.  We are pretty pleased with the store-ability of these batteries.

At present they are still acting as they were when installed a couple years ago.  Seems like for each Amp Hour you put into them you get an Amp Hour back out.  We will do a capacity check this season and report it in the blog.

The last capacity check I can find recorded was March 3, 2017    321 Amp Hours capacity from 13.6 to 12.6 volts.  I seem to recall an informal one we did to around 315 Amp Hours as well but have no documentation…

Mar 03, 2017 CAPACITY TEST:

Using the Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S we run capacity testing on our 400 nominal Amp Hour house bank.  NO CHARGE DEVICES, AVERAGE LOAD 5 to 20 Amps

  • 3/3/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.18 V (volts) at -54 Ah (Amp Hours)
  • 4:00 PM 12.98 V at -160 Ah
  • 11:00 PM 13.01 V at -185 Ah
  • 3/4/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.01 V at -191 Ah
  • 8:00 AM 12.90 V at -200 Ah
  • 12:00 PM 12.87 V at -230 Ah
  • 1:00 PM 12.83 V at -245 Ah
  • 2:00 PM 12.83 V at -253 Ah
  • 3:30 PM 12.80 V at -274 Ah
  • 4:00 PM 12.80 V at -280 Ah
  • 4:20 PM 12.75 V  at -285 Ah
  • 5:00 PM 12.78 V at -290 Ah
  • 6:00 PM 12.75 V at -302 Ah
  • 7:00 PM 12.70 V at -310 Ah
  • 7:30 PM 12.60 V at -321 Ah


Garmin Charts VUS021R California and Mexico G2 Vision Chart card:

Have been working with Garmin charting on the VUS021R chart card data, At least I feel like they are listening.  We had the 1999 Garmin charts on the GPSMAP 3206 when we first came down in 2012. The word on the street was to watch the charts very carefully when in MX waters.  Our paper charts had references to like 1890 surveys on them too.  We had an Android tablet and the Navionics charts when we docked in Ensenada in 2012 and they were excellent and have proved so ever since.  No they do not cover everywhere with exact detail and we still use the local knowledge you get from a cruising guide as well but Navionics was much more current that the Garmin charts.

I decided to give Garmin another try, purchased a 2015 copy of VUS021R this year and reviewed it to find it was little changed from the 1999 info we were use to.  The satellite imagery was helpful, but the sounding data was of little help.  I went to the Garmin submit an error site: , and sent in a couple issues.  The missing Marina Mazatlan in Sinaloa for one and missing all of Puerto Angel bay in Oaxaca.  I did get a reply from Garmin within a few weeks to say the 2017 charts had included the Marina in it’s updates.  Buffeted by the response, I’ve also sent in information on the missing Fonatur Marinas, all 7 or 8 of them hoping they would include them in the 2018 release.  So with confidence in my heart, I purchased the 2017 VUS021R G2 Vision charts chip.


I have since downloaded the 2018 v.19.5 data and installed same. Good and bad, Mazatlan did get covered, Puerto Angel as well.  None of the Fonatur Marinas are in the data and Banderas Bay is a mess.  All around the bay and at Punta de Mita and  Cabo Corentas the soundings, shoreline, light and buoy locations are very inaccurate.  DO NOT USE THESE CHARTS FOR NAVIGATION!

I have continued the correspondences with Garmin and will let you all know how it goes from here.

Some photos with satellite overlay showing some chart issues…


The missing marinas:




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Finally underway … week 3 weeeeee!

Had to put something else than a toilet at the top of the post, sorry about that all…

It always seems like a struggle to work the boat into “ship shape”.  Last minute the head seat fell off, Jess got the old one’s pieces off and we got a new one at Homedepot after a couple bus rides and a wrong one returned.

And we did finally get the GT-21 Garmin sonar transducer mounted .  Ended up, after several (bad) bright ideas, just sticking it to the inside of the hull with some silicone.  Seems to work OK, we have only been in 250 foot max depth water so far, it’s suppose to work as depth sounder up to 1500 at outside limit…  I’ll let you know!


Those last couple things put to rights, we are off… We arrived in Mazatlan on the 12th and we left the marina on the 23rd with (almost) all our projects complete.

s/v Hajime is doing well, we backed out the fairway (she hates to motor into a port turn first thing in the morning) circled to starboard  and headed out of the marina just before the +3.22 foot high tide at 10:17 AM.   Minimum depth of water we saw crossing the bar was 13.5 foot.  And, yes, we were taking a little water over the bow coming past the slight breaking waves just outside the break water.

The 8 NM south to the old harbor at Mazatlan was uneventful.  We did have to circle a bit for a Navy vessel to leave the harbor entrance and then follow a tanker into the harbor.  The anchorage is just inside the harbor breakwater at Club Nautico.  The Club is really just a floating dock for securing your dinghy and it is inside a guarded gated yard.  The yard is mostly for boat storage and a boat ramp access to the harbor.  You pay $50 peso ($2.5 USD) a day when you go ashore to use the boat dock and drop trash, use the bathrooms, etc.

Some photos of the old harbor, note the electric shower head. Very interesting!…


Plans, as always, written in sand at low tide.  We are off to the south for warmer water and longer days.  Family is visiting Puerto Vallarta in January and March.  Tengo un nieto que llega en febrero, seré un abuelo!  A busy season!

A couple days in the old harbor then an overnight to Isla Isabela where we did the the pinnacle anchorage, woo hoo…

Then on to San Blas for a couple days:

Poked heads into Bahia Chacala it was full enough to move on to Punta Mita for New Years Eve…

A sail over to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and here we are for a bit…


Fin for now!

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