Boat Startup – December 2017

 Back to boat:

From a Facebook post:

Day 1:  (From a Facebook post)  Jib is up, dodger and sun canvas are up. We got the new fridge evaporator in. Big news, lithium house batteries sat with no in or out flows for 7 months and are at 13.2 volts. A very good number. It was maybe 13.4 when we left last May. Main sail tomorrow, weather permitting and start engine. Then on to the rest of the list..  Later in the day we got to go to Judo at Irimi Dojo in Mazatlan.  Federico and the club in Mazatlan send their love to the Denver Judoka…


Day 2:  Checked out of the Possada Hotel Freeman in Olas Altas district in Mazatlan and moved to the Marina.

The bilge pump was burnt and replaced it with our last spare.  Jess sanitized the water tanks with bleach and filled them.  We tinkered with the line ascend(er) tools we brought and looks like they will work fine.  We got the main sail up today!  Had to stop the fridge, found that the copper pipe from the compressor to the new evaporator are icing up quite a bit.  A google search says this may be a low coolant pressure.  Will probably need to call a pro on this one… (34 deg. F on the beer can, almost cold enough!)

Day 3:  RAIN? Well this is different. Not hard rain but it did rain on and off all day. So inside we knocked out the rework on the water maker filter bracket and pump assembly.  Mike from Rescue Refrigeration ( ) came over and hooked up his gauges and let some of the coolant out of the fridge system we put together on day one, let it run all day and it improved the ice on the copper from the compressor over to the evaporator.  We told Mike it improved things quite a bit but still a little icing.  Mike will come back Day 4 to let a bit more coolant out of the system.  Jess put some added a bit of sail tape to the ends of the batten pockets on the main sail……  Oh yes, and we checked out the remodeled restroom/showers at Marina Mazatlan…


Day 4:  Did I say RAIN?  Rained all day, Mike from Rescue Refrigeration came and let a little more coolant out of the system and the icing of the copper between the evaporator and compressor has lessened and should improve more after this.  Mike will come again tomorrow to make sure.   Jess is chasing the less than perfect taste of our drinking water.  The tank has been sanitized and today the water lines and charcoal filter.  Mounted the new Garmin GPSMAP 840xs chart plotter in the binnacle, still need to mount the new sonar/FISH FINDER transducer Garmin GT-21 too.  Also stripped the 40 year old seal from the salon hatch cover and replaced it…



Woo hoo!  Jess has opened the kitchen, eating out was fun but too much IS too much!  La Mona is still great Pizza and the liter beer is por compartier (for sharing). El Cortez  (Good Food Good Mood) is an great lunch and breakfast.  Both are less than 50 meters  (~55 yards) from the boat.

Installed the spreader flood lights and replaced the combination steaming and flood light fixture.  Installed the new masthead light.  Both the old fixtures were in good shape but the lenses have yellowed and the steamer light was burnt or corroded socket.  The masthead was yellow plastic and it looked like the red and green was fading, I think they still worked,  None he less we got them replaced.  Mike from Rescue Refr.  could not make it in today, but we are planning on tomorrow and hopefully get the icing issue all taken care of.  Refrigerator is working well other than that.  We should be able to keep ice cream if we add a door to the evaporator box and maybe a little foam board around it…  Got the replacement Magna grill put together and mounted…

Oh yes and JUDO with Federico on Monday and Friday, we were pooped on Wednesday and did not make it to the dojo…

Tomorrow is Saturday and list is shorter now???

  1.  Transducer for sonar mount and wire up
  2.  Install some insulation for fridge
  3.  We have a new rudder feed back transducer and should install it, the old one was intermittent cutting out while on autopilot sending boat in circles…
  4. Check the new GPS/Chartplotter with radar and AIS
  5. Check prop shaft alignment to motor again, it has been around 600 hours run time and we need to loosen the coupling and make sure the shaft and motor are still lined up.  Adjust if needed
  6. Make sure dinghy motor runs
  7. Fill fuel cans
  8. Change out old potable water hose with new one, old one starting to taste of plastic.
  9. Maybe add insulation to the fridge lids.
  10. Swap meet isn’t for a week here at the marina, maybe we can unload some STUFF…

FIN for now

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Back to the boat 2017/8 – More STUFF 2017

It’s that time again.

Jessica and I are off to Mazatlan tomorrow,  Sunday Dec 10, 2017.  Our plans are to fly DEN to PVR, Southwest Air, about 3 hours and then take a bus, ETN,  from Puerto Vallarta up to Mazatlan about 6 hours.  We get in late around 11:15 PM and are taking a hotel for a couple nights in Olas Altas area of Mazatlan, the Best Western Hotel Posada Freeman.

We plan to visit the boat, Hajime, and get her ready to move in  ASAP.

The main work to get done this week and next week are :

  1. Change the old cold plate in the ice box over to the new evaporator we are bringing, wish us luck that the sealed copper tubing on the new evaporator is long enough to reach the compressor in the aft lazarette…


2. Rig a new mast ascent system with the hardware we are bringing:

Pair Hand Climbing Ascender Set for Firefighting 8mm-12mm Rope Rappelling Ascend maybe something like this…   Image result for ascend mast ascenders

3. Replace the mast lighting, steaming light and anchor/tricolor/strobe lights and add spreader flood lights for better deck lighting :

Deck-Masthead Navigation Light for Sailboat - Five Oceans Smart LED Tri-Color, Anchor Light, and Strobe (N3-TRI-CMB)   1X 8'' 36W LED Work Light Bar 4WD SUV Driving Lamp Offroad  Combo(Spot+Flood)

4. Replace hatch seals on the Atkins & Hoyle Salon Hatch:

Inline image 2

5. Make dock line chafe guards from tubular webbing:

30mm Polypropylene Tubular Webbing

6.  Install the new GPS and sonar transducer in binical:


7.  Rebuild the propane grill, lots of rust and rotten burner on old one:

New Magma Marine Kettle Stove BBQ original A10-007 New Cover/Mount - Boat RV

8. Rebuild the filter assembly for the salt water intake filters on the watermaker, old one is rusted out and rework the salt water booster pump system replacing old 24 VAC pump with a 12 VDC one:

Metal 2 stage bracket replacement for Reverse Osmosis System M2   Patent Authorized DC12V 30 Watt Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump 2 L/Min 58 PSI

9.  Make some fitted sheets for the Forward V-Berth

10:  I’m sure there is more ???


This year’s stuff…

Product Name Part No. Quantity Item Price Total Price
Product Name Part No. Quantity Item Price Total Price
Product Name Part No. Quantity Item Price Total Price
Product Name Part No. Quantity Item Price Total Price
Nova Kool RT4 Boxed Evaporator with 12 Foot Lineset
179.20 1 $179.20 $179.20
Raytheon autopilot Rudder Feedback SensorRaytheon autopilot Rudder Feedback Sensor
( 122431685861 )

US $59.00

US $99.99


US $269.99


US $28.02


US $25.99 x 2


US $29.97


US $79.99
 Holds water maker pre-filters, old one is RUST!


US $18.00


US $4.68
Rigging water maker pre-pump…


US $23.85
( 112427562474 )

Housing Color: White


US $109.00
 Refrigerator water pump spares


US $23.48
 Micro connectors (never know)


US $3.38
PC Charger DC


US $12.98
Spreader lights


US $21.98
Drill bag and batteries


US $69.99
Code Item Qty Price Grand Total
WSR-NYL-BWT-001 BlueWater Tubular Nylon Webbing 1 Inch
[1 Inch Tubular Color:Tracer]
30 $0.35 $10.50
WSR-TUB-TFP-001 Tubular Polyester Webbing 1 Inch Factory Dyed
[Choose Your Tubular Polyester Color: Factory Dyed]
15 $0.63 $9.45
Item Cost
Batterys $59.48
GPS $0.00 GPS $682.83
Transducer $121.14
Evaporator $179.20
O-Rings $4.80
Sensor $59.00
Grill $99.00
GPS $0.00 GPS $269.99
Regulator 2@14 $28.02
Mask $25.99
Mask $25.99
Nav Light $29.97
Ascenders $79.99
Braket filter $18.00
SHort cables $4.68
Punm $23.85
Mast Light $109.00
2 pumps $23.48
Connectors $3.38
Charger $12.98
Spreader Lights $21.98
Dewalt Drill $69.99
 Webbing $19.95
 TOTAL $999.92
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Sailing sailing… How far have we gone?

Thought I would try to Log our sailing miles, and yes some of a cruisers time is spent motoring and some motor sailing!

We purchased s/v Hajime in August 2010…

80 NM – Bought boat in Aug 2010 and sailed her as crew up to Napa Valley Marina from Alameda and back in October after refit.

1000 NM – In and around SF Bay, learn to sail day sails in bay 2010 thru 2012 included sail outs to Half Moon Bay and Benicia sailing with friends to Santa Cruz and Drakes Bay. Angle Island and Sauilito and South Beach too!  Jess and I were mostly captain and crew about 50/50…


2350 NM – May 2012 thru Aug 2012 Ballena Isle Marina Alameda CA to Vancouver Island, BC Canada then circumnavigated Vancouver Island counter clockwise and returned to SF.

hajime north 2012 885

2550 NM – Dec. 2012 thru May 2013 San Francisco Bay CA to Puerto Vallarta MX to Zihuatanejo MX  to Mazatlan MX for motor repair.


1200 NM – Motor repaired, Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta to Zihuatanejo to Acapulco to Puerto Vallarta where motor crank shaft broke and we installed new Beta 30 motor April 2014.

maz to pv crank break

750 NM – Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan to La Paz Baja Sur MX up the Baja then cross to San Carlos Sonora MX. Summer 2014 on hard at Marina Seca San Carlos.

pv to san carlos

475 NM – San Carlos to Mazatlan and Summer 2015 in Marina Mazatlan on dock.

SC to maz

725 NM – 2015/16 season Mazatlan to Isla Isabela to Mazatlan to San Blas to La Cruz de Huanacaztle to Chacala to San Blas to La Cruz to Marina Vallarta…


1800 NM – Mazatlan – Puerto Vallarta –  outh to Huatulco, Oaxaca and return

maz oaxaca


970 NM –  season 2016/2017 – Marina Mazatlan to Puerto Mazatlan to Bahia Conception to Santa Rosaliea return to Marina Mazatlan

bahia conception

150 NM – Spring 2017 Split Croatia


Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Mazatlan – San Blas Nayarit – Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco – Barre de Navidad – PV – Mazatlan  836 Miles – 726 NM

sail 2018

Summer 2018 helped move Perseverance FL to SC –  450 MI –  390 NM

2018 FL

TOTAL TO DATE : 13000 NM = 14950 Miles


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Denver is a lot like working on the boat

Denver is not “really” like working on the boat, if you step back to admire your work, you don’t fall in the water…   But everything else is pretty much the same.  It all does seems to require maintenance.

Last year we painted the west wall facing the back alley and the half wall on the roof.  The neighbors kick the money in for the paint and supplies and then stay out of my way for the work bits which keeps us all sane.  It is not that I don’t work well with others, it is just that I don’t work well with others…

This season it was some general maintenance; painting, and then restoration of the some of the window frames on the building east side.  We are still trying to decide on the color to paint the street facing east side of the building…


Replaced neighbors door, old one was falling apart…


Yellow posts…

South wall before and after:

Windows rehab, clean-seal aluminum-scrape and caulk:


Jess kept gardens, hard to do that on boat:

We had some smokey days:

And back to Boat, collecting repair/upgrade and maintenance “STUFF” for the 2017/18 season…

  Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision VUS021R California - Mexico 179.20  Raytheon autopilot Rudder Feedback Sensor    New Magma Marine Kettle Stove BBQ original A10-007 New Cover/Mount - Boat RV    DeLorme inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator & GPS Tracker New In Box  Max 145 PSI Second 2nd Stage Scuba Explorer Diving Dive Regulator Octopus Hookah  Anti-Fog Swimming Full Face Mask Surface Diving Snorkel Scuba for GoPro S/M/L/XL  Deck-Masthead Navigation Light for Sailboat - Five Oceans  Pair Hand Climbing Ascender Set for Firefighting 8mm-12mm Rope Rappelling Ascend  Metal 2 stage bracket replacement for Reverse Osmosis System M2  Patent Authorized DC12V 30 Watt Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump 2 L/Min 58 PSI  5pair 12V 5.5x2.1mm Male + Female DC Power Socket Jack Connector Cable Plug Wire  Smart LED Tri-Color, Anchor Light, and Strobe (N3-TRI-CMB)  Solar 12V DC 3m 1/2'' Thread 650L / H Hot Circulation Brushless Motor Water Pump  3x 12 Way Barrier Screw Terminal Block Wire Connection Connector Strip 3A 5A 10A  1X 8'' 36W LED Work Light Bar 4WD SUV Driving Lamp Offroad  Combo(Spot+Flood)  Pneumatic Reduced Union Tube OD 3/8 To 1/4 Air Push In Fitting Converter OT8G  Universal DC12V AC/DC to DC Inverter car charger power adpter for laptop PC New  Rechargeable 12000lm Headlamp Hunting Headlight Head Torch 2x18650 +Charger Kit  DeWALT DC970K-2R 18V 1/2" Cordless Compact  Drill Driver Tool Kit Reconditioned  10pcs Micro Stainless Steel Split Key Ring  Spring Keyring 10mm 0.4'' EDC Gear  PORTABLE 20L SOLAR HEATED SHOWER CAMPING WATER BATHING BAG OUTDOOR TRAVEL HIKING  360 deg 41mm Festoon 60 SMD Cool White Bulb for navigation lights, anchor lamp   Wireless WiFi SJ4000 Waterproof Sports DV 1080P HD Video Action Camera Camcorder  Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch, Wi-Fi, 6"-Black BNRV300 **GREAT CONDITION**


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High ho all, still in Denver…

See, Denver is at 5280 feet above sea level “high” and…

I have been castigated by friends and family (Thanks Bob) for not keeping the blog very well when we are “OFF BOAT” so here is a catch up post that covers the end of May 2017 through now(ish) September 17, 2017 or so.  I hope I don’t miss anything, if I do, blame it on the beer!

IMG_20170531_215745 (Copy)

Hajime has been to the haul out while we were gone, Rick at MARINE SERVICES MAZATLAN and Tyler at Dockside Services and friends, s/v Elegant Sea, have kept us updated with photos.

April 12, 2017 we left s/v Hajime in Mazatlan and,  with friend/sensei Federico Javier Suarez Torres, we returned to Denver. A couple weeks to prepared for the USA Judo Senior Nationals Judo event in Salt Lake City April 28/29.  Jim refereed the event, Federico played along with a strong team presence from Denver Judo. After the event Fede flew home to Mazatlan on Southwest Airlines (they do a really nice job of customer service).  Denver Judo ruled the mats!

Link to Fede visit photos…

We spent most of May getting ready for a LONG PLANNED trip to sail/cruise with friends on a 42 foot catamaran near Split Croatia.  Jim laid out a route to get us there which included 4 days in Iceland,

4 days in Copenhagen Denmark

and 3 nights near Split Croatia

before the 7 days on the boat with friends.

After the grand boating adventure we stayed a couple nights in Trogir near Split Croatia

and then started headed for Israel via a couple nights in Belgrade Serbia. Getting to Tel Aviv from Europe seemed fairly efficient from Belgrade.

In Tel Aviv we were greeted by our old friends the Detwilers.  They came to the airport from their home near Jerusalem and we followed them home for a week stay with them.  Our most gracious hosts and loving friends.

Then to get home, oh look,  it’s only $490 USD per person from Cairo Egypt to Denver…  OK!  5 nights in Giza about 50 yards from the guest house to the gates to the Giza Grand Pyramids plateau.   Grand tour of Cairo, dinner overlooking the Spinx Light Show (nightly), dinner on the Nile, day trips to the Cairo Museum and around town…

And the trip home for $490 each on 3 different airlines Cairo – Istanbul – Toronto – Denver.  Arrived back July 5, 2017.

Recovery took a bit it was a long trip, good to be back to Denver and judo club workouts. Lots of travel pounds to loose (again).

Jim’s son, Andrew, injured his ACL in a rough game of capture flag and had it fixed July 27.  Jess and Jim did the doctors checkups and all.  Jim’s blood work is still doing “very well”  after the chemo stuff done at Stanford Cancer Center in 2011/2, yeah!  Jess still working on those hot flashes and all, but for the most part happy, healthy and …

August, Lots of judo practices, Jim refereed at the World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles with friend Mahmoud Mani and the usual referee gang.

Camping with the judo club gang and a run up to Lander WY for camping and to see the total lunar eclipse of the sun August 21, 2017.

and dragon boat racing.

September and Jess’ birthday, Jim painting the South wall of the building

camping trip to 4 corners area in Colorado for site seeing; Ouray, Delores, Cortez, Gunnison area.

Whew, home again in Denver and the smoke has cleared. Was a little thick for a week or so.



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2017 season winds down for Jess and Jim

Getting to Mazatlan from Santa Rosilia:

We left Santa Roselia Baja Sur MX and motored 60 hours back to Mazatlan.  Did not see a single fishing vessel or freighter the entire trip, saw one cruise ship. Horizon to horizon stars and glass calm seas.  Other than the diesel fuel we used, could not have hoped for a better trip!

Calleta San Juanico was a hoot, but the only fish that wanted my hotdog bait were inedible…

We saw whales on the way….

Mazatlan Marina was waiting for us with our same slip on dock 8 slip 2.   Tyler at the boat care shop will keep an eye on s/v Hajime til we return.  Rick at Mazatlan Marine Services will take care of hauling the boat and painting the bottom for us while we are gone.  Should be ready to cruise when we get back…

After boat is closed up – We are headed for DENVER

Judo is important to us and cruising this year is to be curtailed (foreshortened),  call it the dog watch of sailing seasons.

We plan to make it to the USA Judo Senior Nationals for the first time since 2012. In 2012 we headed out the gate (Golden Gate) and turned right…

We are taking a bus to Puerto Vallerta on the 12 the April and then plane to Denver on the 13th of April.  We are traveling with our good friend Federico Torres Suarez.  Sensei Federico is head instructor at Irmi Dojo in Mazatlan.  Fede is staying with us in Denver for a couple weeks before we all go to Salt Lake City for the USA Judo Senior Nationals.

Let us hope all of you 55 to 60 year old’s under 60 Kg get off your butts and come play with Fede at the International Masters Shiai! He came a long way to play with you!

After Sr Nationals Sensei Fede will fly back to Mazatlan and we are then back in Denver until May 30.

What next:

May 30 we fly to Iceland for 4 days then Copenhagen for 4 days and then on to Split Croatia for a few days before boarding a 42 foot Catamaran for a week of floating around the Adriatic  with our best boating friends in the whole world!

After Croatia we will make our way to Tel Aviv, Israel then on to visit friends Shimon and Mandy Detwiler and family who live south of Jerusalem.  We will rattle around Israel for a week to 10 days then find our way back to Denver to bemoan the small judo class turn outs  for the summer months.  Worse things could happen.

Next year is up in the air.  We are holding time for our friend John Kuony.  John plans to move his new boat to the east coast of the USA from San Francisco via Panama.  We have signed up to help sail whenever he needs us.  Hard for him to pass up Jess’ cooking for too much of he trip.








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Santa Rosilia for a few days blow

Unlike the title infers, the wind, the wind …

We did 4 nights at Marina Fonatur in the harbor at Santa Rosilia, Baja Sur.  Arrived Sunday March 26, 2017.

All we can say is NICE!

Staff was great, potable water delivered to the boat at an extremely reasonable price (15 pesos for 5 gallons).  Tiendas and restaurants were pretty darn good.  Wifi – not too bad.  Water and power and wifi came with the rent for around $15 USD a day for our 37 foot Tartan37 and the marina checks you in and out for the port captain paper work too…  Warm to hot water in the showers from 9AM to 5PM.

The Mexican Marinos share the dock with 6  or 7 rescue and patrol vessels.

We walked our fuel cans over to the fuel dock, maybe 100 yards walk and topped up the boat. She took 30 gallons here in Santa Rosilia and in Bahia Concepcion we had picked up, with the help of Brother Alex, 15 gallons.  We did motor almost all the way up from Mazatlan and around Bahia Concepcion and up to Santa Rosilia for about 73.1 engine hours.  45 gallons and 73.1 hours makes 0.615 gallons per hour.  Not as good as we would like, just got to sail MORE!

Washed the salt off  the boat and settled in for a few days 20 to 25 knot winds.

Not a bad set of cruisers on he docks either!  sv’s ; Serafina, Nightide, Interlude…   Marina Fonatur can hold maybe a coupe dozen boats, easy in and easy out.  A nice place to wait out some weather (not the really bad stuff).

Nothing notable to fix this stop, woohoo!

And we are off dock on March 30th heading south.

PLAN:  Day one Santa Rosilia to Punta Chivato 25 miles or so.  Day two Punta Chivato to Calleta San Juanico for some fishing 63 miles or so.  Then looks like we will strike a rhumb line for Mazatlan 370 miles or so…  We hope to be there by the 4th or 5th of April.  We plan to fly to Denver the 13th of April so it should give us time to put the boat away at Marina Mazatlan.SRtoMAZ

Some photos from around Santa Rosilia town:


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BAJA SUR – Bahia Concepcion (finally)

Hey we made it…

After five years we have finally made it up to Bahia Concepcion.  We left Marina Mazatlan around Tuesday March 7, 2017 on the way SOUTH to Isla Isabela and San Blas.  The word was that the weather might change in a few days and after some discussion we agreed to put into the old harbor at Mazatlan and wait it out, we figured we would know for sure in a couple days.make a 3 or 4 day run up coast to Bahia Conception before any north winds started up again.

We left The old Harbor on Saturday March 11th around noon and arrived at Playa Santispec in Bahia Concepcion on Tuesday March 14th around 1:00 PM.  Approx 400 Nm. (John, we are looking for the bitters!)

Crossing was glass for the most part…  Mostly motoring and maybe 8 hours of sailing.

We were met with a kind hale from Ron on s/v Bat Wing to join the cruisers pot luck the night we arrived. ( and we did ).   Jess’ brother Alex arrived within a day or two and we agreed to park the truck and do some bounce about the bay and see what there is to sea!

Old Harbor:

Crossing :


See the sea…

Alex leaves Monday or Tuesday when we return to Playa Santispec and the “Silver Snail”…

Posted from:



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Enough is enough

Enough is enough…

We are finally ready, willing and able for the trip this year.  Winds and our patience (hopefully) are telling us to head NORTH into the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) and we will attempt a 380 Nm voyage north to Bahia Conception area:

2017 0310 windyty   2017 0310 windytyA

Plan is to head north and west for 3 to 4 days and we will run for cover if the north winds come back while we are on the way.  There are a few hiding places on the Baja side along the route.

The weather planner we are using is WINDYTV.COM.  It says the southerlies are coming early and will be here for at least the coming week.

We left Marina Mazatlan a couple days ago and sailed down to the old harbor Mazatlan. Thinking we were headed south to Isla Isabella and then on to San Blas when we saw that south winds were forecast. So we decided to sit here at Club Nautic for a few days until the winds change.  The Club Nautic charges here are $50 peso a day for dingy dock and local wifi, if you can get the signal.  And you have to find the boss to give him the $50 peso.

The anchorage has good holding and there are buses that go past the entrance that can take you just about any place in town (Old harbor is in the lower right hand of the bus map below).

busroute1 (Copy)

Some photos from the trip down to the old harbor:

Oh yes, and some photos from the old harbor where you get to see the cruise ships and ferries and bears, oh my:

We will spot on this trip.  If you want to be on the spot list “Where is s/v Hajime?”, drop us an email at Just say, “add me to the SPOT list…”


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The list and update on LiFePo4 batteries…

We have hit the list pretty hard.  Some things were easier than others.

  • NOW DONE..
  • find propane source, the marina has stopped running tanks – turns out one of the small convenience store vendors at the marina is running propane tnks for boaters.  He will also get you 5 gal. water bottles if needed.
  • Remove and re-seat port light on the port side above settee, it leaks – have not water tested it yet, but picked up some butal rubber tape from another boater for $20 USD and used it when reinstalling port light
  • Set up block/tackle for outboard motor – DONE
  • Hang fishing poles on arch for stowage – DONE
  • Rig boom stoppers – DONE
  • Whisker pole hinge is bent, remove and see if rick can fix – Jess ask Rick and they agreed that for around $75 USD a new one is made
  • Install new battery charger in lazarette for house LiFePo4 batteries – DONE
  • Install new solar charger forward for windlass battery – DONE
  • Sand cockpit seating and table – DONE
  • Seal seating and table and dorade covers – DONE
  • Pull out hooka compressor and make sure it runs – DONE
  • Mount 5HP Mercury outboard motor on dink and make sure it runs – DONE
  • Rebuild hand pumps in galley, new rubbers and seals – DONE
  • Rebuild kit for water-maker and valve replacement – DONE getting 140 ppm on the meter but that is running in the marina too…
  • Rebuild 2 HP Honda outboard, new carb and coil – On Hold

LiFePo4 update:

We have chosen to charge the LiFePo4 battery bank at the following voltages, best we can:

On the ProNautic we are using the programmable settings to charge to 13.6 V bulk and float to 13.2-13.6 volt range.  We plan to monitor the charger voltages when on shore power and charging…

Manual for the new ProNautic p Series 1230 we installed:

Marine Grade Battery Charger, Pronautic 30A, 3 Bank 30 amps

On the 40A 12V 24V New Tracer4215BN 40amps Programmable MPPT Solar Charge Controller with MT50 LCD display we have set:

  • over voltage disconnect 14.0 volts
  • charging limit voltage 13.6
  • over voltage reconnect 13.2
  • equalize charging voltage 13.6
  • boost charging voltage 13.6
  • float charging voltage 13.2
  • boost reconnect charging voltage 13.2
  • low voltage reconnect 12.4
  • under voltage warning reconnect voltage 12.2
  • under voltage warning 12.2
  • low voltage disconnect
  • discharge limit
  • equalization duration 0 min
  • boost duration 30 min


Manual for tracer 4215:


Using the Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S we run capacity testing on our 400 nominal Amp Hour house bank.  NO CHARGE DEVICES, AVERAGE LOAD 5 to 20 Amps

  • 3/3/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.18 V (volts) at -54 Ah (Amp Hours)
  • 4:00 PM 12.98 V at -160 Ah
  • 11:00 PM 13.01 V at -185 Ah
  • 3/4/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.01 V at -191 Ah
  • 8:00 AM 12.90 V at -200 Ah
  • 12:00 PM 12.87 V at -230 Ah
  • 1:00 PM 12.83 V at -245 Ah
  • 2:00 PM 12.83 V at -253 Ah
  • 3:30 PM 12.80 V at -274 Ah
  • 4:00 PM 12.80 V at -280 Ah
  • 4:20 PM 12.75 V  at -285 Ah
  • 5:00 PM 12.78 V at -290 Ah
  • 6:00 PM 12.75 V at -302 Ah
  • 7:00 PM 12.70 V at -310 Ah
  • 7:30 PM 12.60 V at -321 Ah


Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S Retail $243.00

Other photos:

Tacktick wireless wind instruments:

We pulled the Tacktick wind transducer down (AFTER 7 YEARS) from the top of the mast because it was not spinning in low winds.  After a little WD40 it seemed to be working FINE, so we went up the mast again (with a camera) and re-installed the transducer.  A NOTE on the TACKTICK wireless wind instruments…  We love them, have since the day we installed them 7 years ago.  This is the first issue we have had since 2012 when we used them 24 hours a day for 15 days straight in December.  Turns out you need more sunlight than December to keep the receiver displays powered up.  (they can be wired to 12v power, but we did not and had to use them sparingly at night)  THE TRANSDUCER LOOKED LIKE NEW even after 7 years at the top of the mast!

Whisker pole:

old pin… was bent and would not let the pole rotate properly, made the pole difficult to fly both as a downwind jib keeper or as a spinnaker pole.


New replacement option might have been: foresparcar

So we had a pin made here in Mexico and installed in the old car for $75 USD.  Works great – thanks Rick at  Marine Services Mazatlan

The watermaker:

The Katadyn 40E watermaker seal rebuild is not too difficult if you watch the video while you pull it apart and put it back together…

The Katadyn Model 40E Waternaker

Unending thanks to Gary (Ishipaco) Albers, S/V Ishi.


After completing the LIST, we ran down to Olas Altas and Angelina’s Latin Kitchen for a nice evening OUT.


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