Contact information for Jim Carmer and Jessica Lockfeld:

Jim Carmer and Jessica Lockfeld, 719 Mariposa St., Denver CO 80204  or on board s/v Hajime

Jim Virgin Mobile cell (303)330-9014
Jess Virgin Mobile cell (303)520-8734

We got a phone number from Google voice and it will ring through to any phone we program in  or send us an email with a message to log on and listen to your message, the number US number is:

(510) 999-jess, that’s (510) 999-5377

It is currently forwarding text and voice and ringing through to our Telcel MX phone at:

646 109 0113   or 315 110 5455

from US and Canada, dial 001 646 109 0113  or 001 315 110 5455

Email for Jim:

Email of Jess:

Blog: Http://

Jim calendar: Http://

SPOT map 7 days: SPOT_LINK


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