2017 season winds down for Jess and Jim

Getting to Mazatlan from Santa Rosilia:

We left Santa Roselia Baja Sur MX and motored 60 hours back to Mazatlan.  Did not see a single fishing vessel or freighter the entire trip, saw one cruise ship. Horizon to horizon stars and glass calm seas.  Other than the diesel fuel we used, could not have hoped for a better trip!

Calleta San Juanico was a hoot, but the only fish that wanted my hotdog bait were inedible…

We saw whales on the way….

Mazatlan Marina was waiting for us with our same slip on dock 8 slip 2.   Tyler at the boat care shop will keep an eye on s/v Hajime til we return.  Rick at Mazatlan Marine Services will take care of hauling the boat and painting the bottom for us while we are gone.  Should be ready to cruise when we get back…

After boat is closed up – We are headed for DENVER

Judo is important to us and cruising this year is to be curtailed (foreshortened),  call it the dog watch of sailing seasons.

We plan to make it to the USA Judo Senior Nationals for the first time since 2012. In 2012 we headed out the gate (Golden Gate) and turned right…

We are taking a bus to Puerto Vallerta on the 12 the April and then plane to Denver on the 13th of April.  We are traveling with our good friend Federico Torres Suarez.  Sensei Federico is head instructor at Irmi Dojo in Mazatlan.  Fede is staying with us in Denver for a couple weeks before we all go to Salt Lake City for the USA Judo Senior Nationals.

Let us hope all of you 55 to 60 year old’s under 60 Kg get off your butts and come play with Fede at the International Masters Shiai! He came a long way to play with you!

After Sr Nationals Sensei Fede will fly back to Mazatlan and we are then back in Denver until May 30.

What next:

May 30 we fly to Iceland for 4 days then Copenhagen for 4 days and then on to Split Croatia for a few days before boarding a 42 foot Catamaran for a week of floating around the Adriatic  with our best boating friends in the whole world!

After Croatia we will make our way to Tel Aviv, Israel then on to visit friends Shimon and Mandy Detwiler and family who live south of Jerusalem.  We will rattle around Israel for a week to 10 days then find our way back to Denver to bemoan the small judo class turn outs  for the summer months.  Worse things could happen.

Next year is up in the air.  We are holding time for our friend John Kuony.  John plans to move his new boat to the east coast of the USA from San Francisco via Panama.  We have signed up to help sail whenever he needs us.  Hard for him to pass up Jess’ cooking for too much of he trip.








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Santa Rosilia for a few days blow

Unlike the title infers, the wind, the wind …

We did 4 nights at Marina Fonatur in the harbor at Santa Rosilia, Baja Sur.  Arrived Sunday March 26, 2017.

All we can say is NICE!

Staff was great, potable water delivered to the boat at an extremely reasonable price (15 pesos for 5 gallons).  Tiendas and restaurants were pretty darn good.  Wifi – not too bad.  Water and power and wifi came with the rent for around $15 USD a day for our 37 foot Tartan37 and the marina checks you in and out for the port captain paper work too…  Warm to hot water in the showers from 9AM to 5PM.

The Mexican Marinos share the dock with 6  or 7 rescue and patrol vessels.

We walked our fuel cans over to the fuel dock, maybe 100 yards walk and topped up the boat. She took 30 gallons here in Santa Rosilia and in Bahia Concepcion we had picked up, with the help of Brother Alex, 15 gallons.  We did motor almost all the way up from Mazatlan and around Bahia Concepcion and up to Santa Rosilia for about 73.1 engine hours.  45 gallons and 73.1 hours makes 0.615 gallons per hour.  Not as good as we would like, just got to sail MORE!

Washed the salt off  the boat and settled in for a few days 20 to 25 knot winds.

Not a bad set of cruisers on he docks either!  sv’s ; Serafina, Nightide, Interlude…   Marina Fonatur can hold maybe a coupe dozen boats, easy in and easy out.  A nice place to wait out some weather (not the really bad stuff).

Nothing notable to fix this stop, woohoo!

And we are off dock on March 30th heading south.

PLAN:  Day one Santa Rosilia to Punta Chivato 25 miles or so.  Day two Punta Chivato to Calleta San Juanico for some fishing 63 miles or so.  Then looks like we will strike a rhumb line for Mazatlan 370 miles or so…  We hope to be there by the 4th or 5th of April.  We plan to fly to Denver the 13th of April so it should give us time to put the boat away at Marina Mazatlan.SRtoMAZ

Some photos from around Santa Rosilia town:


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BAJA SUR – Bahia Concepcion (finally)

Hey we made it…

After five years we have finally made it up to Bahia Concepcion.  We left Marina Mazatlan around Tuesday March 7, 2017 on the way SOUTH to Isla Isabela and San Blas.  The word was that the weather might change in a few days and after some discussion we agreed to put into the old harbor at Mazatlan and wait it out, we figured we would know for sure in a couple days.make a 3 or 4 day run up coast to Bahia Conception before any north winds started up again.

We left The old Harbor on Saturday March 11th around noon and arrived at Playa Santispec in Bahia Concepcion on Tuesday March 14th around 1:00 PM.  Approx 400 Nm. (John, we are looking for the bitters!)

Crossing was glass for the most part…  Mostly motoring and maybe 8 hours of sailing.

We were met with a kind hale from Ron on s/v Bat Wing to join the cruisers pot luck the night we arrived. ( and we did ).   Jess’ brother Alex arrived within a day or two and we agreed to park the truck and do some bounce about the bay and see what there is to sea!

Old Harbor:

Crossing :


See the sea…

Alex leaves Monday or Tuesday when we return to Playa Santispec and the “Silver Snail”…

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Enough is enough

Enough is enough…

We are finally ready, willing and able for the trip this year.  Winds and our patience (hopefully) are telling us to head NORTH into the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) and we will attempt a 380 Nm voyage north to Bahia Conception area:

2017 0310 windyty   2017 0310 windytyA

Plan is to head north and west for 3 to 4 days and we will run for cover if the north winds come back while we are on the way.  There are a few hiding places on the Baja side along the route.

The weather planner we are using is WINDYTV.COM.  It says the southerlies are coming early and will be here for at least the coming week.

We left Marina Mazatlan a couple days ago and sailed down to the old harbor Mazatlan. Thinking we were headed south to Isla Isabella and then on to San Blas when we saw that south winds were forecast. So we decided to sit here at Club Nautic for a few days until the winds change.  The Club Nautic charges here are $50 peso a day for dingy dock and local wifi, if you can get the signal.  And you have to find the boss to give him the $50 peso.

The anchorage has good holding and there are buses that go past the entrance that can take you just about any place in town (Old harbor is in the lower right hand of the bus map below).

busroute1 (Copy)

Some photos from the trip down to the old harbor:

Oh yes, and some photos from the old harbor where you get to see the cruise ships and ferries and bears, oh my:

We will spot on this trip.  If you want to be on the spot list “Where is s/v Hajime?”, drop us an email at carmer.james@gmail.com. Just say, “add me to the SPOT list…”


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The list and update on LiFePo4 batteries…

We have hit the list pretty hard.  Some things were easier than others.

  • NOW DONE..
  • find propane source, the marina has stopped running tanks – turns out one of the small convenience store vendors at the marina is running propane tnks for boaters.  He will also get you 5 gal. water bottles if needed.
  • Remove and re-seat port light on the port side above settee, it leaks – have not water tested it yet, but picked up some butal rubber tape from another boater for $20 USD and used it when reinstalling port light
  • Set up block/tackle for outboard motor – DONE
  • Hang fishing poles on arch for stowage – DONE
  • Rig boom stoppers – DONE
  • Whisker pole hinge is bent, remove and see if rick can fix – Jess ask Rick and they agreed that for around $75 USD a new one is made
  • Install new battery charger in lazarette for house LiFePo4 batteries – DONE
  • Install new solar charger forward for windlass battery – DONE
  • Sand cockpit seating and table – DONE
  • Seal seating and table and dorade covers – DONE
  • Pull out hooka compressor and make sure it runs – DONE
  • Mount 5HP Mercury outboard motor on dink and make sure it runs – DONE
  • Rebuild hand pumps in galley, new rubbers and seals – DONE
  • Rebuild kit for water-maker and valve replacement – DONE getting 140 ppm on the meter but that is running in the marina too…
  • Rebuild 2 HP Honda outboard, new carb and coil – On Hold

LiFePo4 update:

We have chosen to charge the LiFePo4 battery bank at the following voltages, best we can:

On the ProNautic we are using the programmable settings to charge to 13.6 V bulk and float to 13.2-13.6 volt range.  We plan to monitor the charger voltages when on shore power and charging…

Manual for the new ProNautic p Series 1230 we installed:http://www.promariner.com/~/media/inRiver/365008-38505.pdf

Marine Grade Battery Charger, Pronautic 30A, 3 Bank 30 amps

On the 40A 12V 24V New Tracer4215BN 40amps Programmable MPPT Solar Charge Controller with MT50 LCD display we have set:

  • over voltage disconnect 14.0 volts
  • charging limit voltage 13.6
  • over voltage reconnect 13.2
  • equalize charging voltage 13.6
  • boost charging voltage 13.6
  • float charging voltage 13.2
  • boost reconnect charging voltage 13.2
  • low voltage reconnect 12.4
  • under voltage warning reconnect voltage 12.2
  • under voltage warning 12.2
  • low voltage disconnect
  • discharge limit
  • equalization duration 0 min
  • boost duration 30 min


Manual for tracer 4215: http://www.off-grid-europe.com/downloads/dl/file/id/302/tracer_4215_bn_manual.pdf


Using the Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S we run capacity testing on our 400 nominal Amp Hour house bank.  NO CHARGE DEVICES, AVERAGE LOAD 5 to 20 Amps

  • 3/3/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.18 V (volts) at -54 Ah (Amp Hours)
  • 4:00 PM 12.98 V at -160 Ah
  • 11:00 PM 13.01 V at -185 Ah
  • 3/4/2017
  • 7:00 AM 13.01 V at -191 Ah
  • 8:00 AM 12.90 V at -200 Ah
  • 12:00 PM 12.87 V at -230 Ah
  • 1:00 PM 12.83 V at -245 Ah
  • 2:00 PM 12.83 V at -253 Ah
  • 3:30 PM 12.80 V at -274 Ah
  • 4:00 PM 12.80 V at -280 Ah
  • 4:20 PM 12.75 V  at -285 Ah
  • 5:00 PM 12.78 V at -290 Ah
  • 6:00 PM 12.75 V at -302 Ah
  • 7:00 PM 12.70 V at -310 Ah
  • 7:30 PM 12.60 V at -321 Ah


Victron Energy Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702S Retail $243.00

Other photos:

Tacktick wireless wind instruments:

We pulled the Tacktick wind transducer down (AFTER 7 YEARS) from the top of the mast because it was not spinning in low winds.  After a little WD40 it seemed to be working FINE, so we went up the mast again (with a camera) and re-installed the transducer.  A NOTE on the TACKTICK wireless wind instruments…  We love them, have since the day we installed them 7 years ago.  This is the first issue we have had since 2012 when we used them 24 hours a day for 15 days straight in December.  Turns out you need more sunlight than December to keep the receiver displays powered up.  (they can be wired to 12v power, but we did not and had to use them sparingly at night)  THE TRANSDUCER LOOKED LIKE NEW even after 7 years at the top of the mast!

Whisker pole:

old pin… was bent and would not let the pole rotate properly, made the pole difficult to fly both as a downwind jib keeper or as a spinnaker pole.


New replacement option might have been: foresparcar

So we had a pin made here in Mexico and installed in the old car for $75 USD.  Works great – thanks Rick at  Marine Services Mazatlan  http://marineservicesmazatlan.com/

The watermaker:

The Katadyn 40E watermaker seal rebuild is not too difficult if you watch the video while you pull it apart and put it back together…

The Katadyn Model 40E Waternaker

Unending thanks to Gary (Ishipaco) Albers, S/V Ishi. 



After completing the LIST, we ran down to Olas Altas and Angelina’s Latin Kitchen for a nice evening OUT.


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2017 Preparing to get off dock…

The Marina this week:

Stuff happening in Mazatlan.  Besides Carnival…

Bad stuff:

On the lateral out front of the marina, most of the businesses next to Fortino’s Pizza including Fortino’s Pizza have closed.  The Laundry next to the Harbor Masters office has closed. Nothing new on  the boardwalk in the marina, the Disco is STILL operating.  We hear there have been some drunken revelers on the docks at closing 4:00 to 5:00 AM at times.

Good Stuff:

Lots of new paint and freshening of buildings all around town, up and down the Ave Camaron Sabalo ( the golden zone) and when you leave the marina to the north up Passeo del Atlantico to Ave Carlos Conseco and turn towards town, oh my, they have been building and building all the way into town.  Lots of the boardwalk road, Ave del Mar, south of Valentino’s is also looking up with new construction and fixing up some of the existing.

Going through this month’s photos:

Construction on the Marriott hotel at the Marina is continuing.

The doctors office in El Cid Marina and it’s waiting room…

Party at the hotel la siesta…

These are NOT before and after photos…

Boat visit:

Beach day at Stone Island:

You have to eat at Angelina’s Kitchen, it’s just behind the Best Western, Hotel Posada Freeman on Paseo Olas Altas at Venustiano Carranza 18, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico… Reasonable cost and mmm mmm GOOD!



‘We have been planning to do the bottom paint on s/vHajime this coming week.  And we just talked to Richard Cummings at Rick’s Marine Service today and maybe we all decided to put off the bottom job til May/June.  Then Rick can pull the boat in and put it back when done…

So we are building a list and knocking em down as best we can…  PLAN to head across to La Paz then up the Baja East coast to “see the sea”…

  • Remove the jib fuller and soak and WD40 bearings to get it rotating better.
  • Hang sails and rig with sheets
  • Drop Dink in water
  • Remove wood covers at dorades for and aft and sand
  • find propane source, the marina has stopped running tanks
  • Remove and re-seat port light on the port side above settee, it leaks
  • Set up block/tackle for outboard motor
  • Hang fishing poles on arch for stowage
  • Rig boom stoppers
  • Whisker pole hinge is bent, remove and see if rick can fix
  • Install new battery charger in lazarette for house LiFePo4 batteries
  • Install new solar charger forward for windlass battery
  • Sand cockpit seating and table
  • Seal seating and table and dorade covers
  • Pull out hooka compressor and make sure it runs
  • Mount 5HP Mercury outboard motor on dink and make sure it runs
  • Rebuild hand pumps in galley, new rubbers and seals
  • Rebuild kit for watermaker and valve replaccement
  • Rebuild 2 HP Honda outboard, new carb and coil
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Projects Feb 2017

TECHIE 20Feb2017

We got motor running today.  It kicked right off after checking the coolant level, oil level, engine zincs,  sea water intake strainer, fuel water separator and a general look over the motor, no leaks, etc.


Find the key – left with Tyler and Hector at Tony’s Boat Management at Marina Mazatlan.  Tony sold to Grant who Sold to Tyler but Hector lets all of them think they run the place!


  1. CHECK BATTERY STATE –  At the breaker panel at NAV station, switch from SSS – starter battery to HHH – house battery at the small toggle switch near the LED readout display in order to read battery voltages and current amperage load.  Batteries should be over 12.7 volts SSS and 12.8 volts HHH.
  2. LIGHTS ON –  Check that (B)reaker (S)witch – (BS) for Lights is ON.
  3. SINK DRAINS – Open Drain valves for sinks, one under floor hatch nearest companionway and one under sink in head.
  4. SALT WATER SINK SUPPLY – Open salt water for galley sink valve.  Under sink in head.
  5. HAND PUMPS AT GALLEY SINK – Check Hand pumps at galley sink, one for potable water, one for sale water. Operate pump handle until you get water flowing.
  6. FRESH WATER – FRESH water pressure ON, (BS) – check for leaks (if pump keeps running, have a leak)  We keep the starboard tank with fresh water for washing and the port side tank for potable water.  POTABLE WATER is ONLY available by using the hand pump at the galley sink.
  7. PROPANE ON – Open valve at propane tank then (BS) “LPG” – Then light burner on stove with lighter, takes one minute for propane to travel 20 foot of hose from tank to stove first lighting.
  8. HOT WATER – Turn on water heater (BS) and draw hot water from tap.  Takes a minute for water to heat…
  9. REFRIGERATOR – Open cooling water valve under  floor hatch in front of head for refrigerator, Turn on (BS) “refrigerator”.  CHECK pump under floor hatch nearest companionway. CHECK water exiting thru hull 3 inches above waterline aft starboard quarter.
  10. ENGINE:
    1. Check oil level, coolant level, zinc aft end of heat exchange tube stack, racor water separator for sediment and water and filter state,  transmission oil level/color.
    2. FIND KEY on valve under floor hatch at companionway hanging on the engine cooling water through hull valve.  TURN ON VALVE.
    3. Set battery switch to battery bank #1, STARTER.
    4. At binnacle, crack throttle 1/16 to 1/8 make sure not in gear, turn key and start engine.
    1. Turn ON (BS); GPS, Sailing Instruments, VHF, and Autopilot
    2. At binnacle, turn ON Tacktick wind instruments and GPS (Garmin).
    3. You should have AIS (other ships) and HAJIME current location shown on chart plotter. Should have wind speed and direction and depth under vessel on displays.
  12. SOLAR POWER – At the bulkhead at the foot of the port aft quarter birth behind the NAV station, Flip on the two (BS) for wind and solar.  The wind gauge will light, but the solar will NOT.  The solar power controller remote panel is mounted port side at the companionway.  It is an MT50 display/control.  On an full sun you may get 20 AMPS at 14 volts for charging the house batteries.  Solar ONLY charger HOUSE bank of 400 Amp Hour LiFePo4 batteries.
  13. POWER METER -Since the power meter can drain a battery if left attached, we pull the fuse when away from boat for months.  Replace the fuse, taped to the face of the Voltron power meter display mounted port side of companionway.   It goes into the wire  fuse holder under the access panels aft of the NAV seat. It is marked “MAIN”
  14. SAILS – We keep sails below along with most of the boat canvas.  ALL has to be brought out and put up again.  We used polyester painter lines and pulled down the halyards:
    1. boom stopper lines for jibibgPut the halyards up again
    2. Main sail, rig with lazy jacks, reef lines and halyards and boom jibe safty lines
    3. Jib sail, rig with sheets
    4. Dodger canvas
    5. biminey canvas
    6. shade canvas
  15. Move kayaks from forward cabin to deck stowage
  16. Power internet onboard antenna router
    1.  is address of onboard TP-Link antenna need to set it up with this years marina user and passwords… user/pass TP-LINK TL-WA5210G 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE - TL-WA5210G ...
    2. onboard router is svhajime user/pass


BLOWER FOR ENGINE COMPARTMENT- We brought a new blower for the engine compartment exhaust.  Was a little worried that it was the correct part and mounting configuration.  It dropped right in (photos):

TACKTICK WIND SPEED TRANSDUCER –   wind speed and direction sending unit at the top of the mast looks to be malfunctioning.  Maybe it was home to some of those giant scissor birds this year?  Jess went up and retrieved said device.  Some WD40 and it looks to be working better.  They mane and SELL a “Bearing service kit” for the unit for around $75 USD.  I can’t fins an Amazon seller who is shipping to MX so we will put this one back up and add the “kit” to the list for parts for next year…

We soaked the water tanks with a cap full of Clorox and flushed out the dirty bits and refilled the fresh tank and put bottled water into the potable water tank.

Jess has a cold/sinus/cough/breathing problem and we saw the doctor over at El Cid Marina.  Dr. Jesus Noe Zatarain Piña.

She got a couple injections and a couple prescriptions for a cost of $1200 (Dr. plus injections) + $525 (perscriptions) in pesos or around $85 USD.

Judo on Mondays and Wednesday and Friday.  I’ve been watching “mostly” and Jess working out…

Judo Irimi, Mazatlan



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We are back at boat…

Been traveling a bit to get here.  A week in Oaxaca City with Jim’s daughter and son in law and Jess’ brother (oldest) and sister in law.  And a few nights at Hotel La Siesta on Olas Altas here in Mazatlan before joining Hajime last night for our first night aboard since last June.

Oaxaca photos…


Mazatlan photos…


Haul out is scheduled for Feb. 28 with Rick’s Marine Service next door to Mazatlan Marina at the Fonatur travel lift and yard.  We are looking to do a quick bottom painting job, but, you guys know about boats!

We brought some goodies in out luggage, about $1,200 worth of stuff to stuff into the boat this time.  Most of it repairs and spares.

Link to list of parts (with pictures…)



No photos of Oil and Air Filters, zincs for prop shaft, seal kit for watermaker,  O rings for heat exchanger, bow roller replacement, hand pump for salt and fresh water repair parts, electrical solder, a thermostat switch for re-fridge fan, batteries, a new battery chrger, but all listed for customs.  You are allowed $500 USD per person in your party of stuff like this.  The $500 is for new stuff for gifts or use in a boat maybe.  Not to include personal items like clothing, cameras, cell phones, personal computer, etc.

Since our “STUFF” bag was lost in Denver on the way to the plane and did not arrive in Oaxaca for 5 days, we got through customs without having to push the red/green button this time.  Tax would have been 16% on the overage of the $1000 allowed for a party of two.  Since the total of our bag was around $1250.  Tax would have been 16% of $250 or $40 USD.

I’ll try to keep up with blog…

Next weeks are plenty of boat work so I’ll try, for you boat techies, to keep up with the blog.  Sooner or later you will get that it’s all about REPAIR and MAINTENANCE!


Tyler and Hector did a great job keeping Hajime clean and maintained for us.  Se looks sound.  BATTERIES?  I know you all lost sleep like I did being away for so long.  At first glance, it looks like they are FINE, sitting there at something like 13.2 volts.  Boat management kept them bumped up for us.



Somethings never change in MX…  photos of fan power wireing in marine bathroom


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On the road again

October 2016 was our last post.  MUCH has happened.  Not really earth shattering stuff, but here is a list:

Got a planter installed along with a bike rack at the front of the building.

Dad, in INDIANA,  fell and broke a leg.

Jess had an old injury re-surface and separated her quadriceps tendon from the patella. Had surgery to FIX.

Jim helped out in IN for a little bit.

We finished the roof patching and aluminum coating, good to go for a few more years, cross fingers!

We replaced some siding on the building and painted the west facing walls for the three units in the building.

Replaced the three sodium vapor light fixtures which were 400 watts each bulb in the dojo.  We put in two 100 watt LED bulbs and a 60 watt LED bulb and new fixtures.  Lights are now instant on, about the same light quality and NOT that yellowish light anymore!

Jim had an old injury re-surface and had ACL surgery to FIX  Jan 09 2017.

Had the 35 year old beat up garage door replaced in the dojo.

And we claened the place up so we leave tomorrow for Oaxaca de Juárez.  We are meeting daughter with Son in law and Jess’ brother with sister in law…  Looking forward to week in Oaxaca.  Then over to Mazatlan with Jess’ bro/sis…

Some photos of the fall:


Jess Ouchie…


B&B in Colorado – tree peeping…

Jess B-day…

Keep it short, will post the Oaxaca photos next.




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Why, yes it has been a while

Jim and Jess returned to Denver early in June 2016 and found the apartment and the judo club in fine form.   Just like we never left.  It was good to be home!

Summer events:

Were back…

Trip to Indiana for Jim and Jess…

Joshi Judo Camp was held in Littleton CO with a little help from the judo club…

Up in the hills with cousin Josh Cohen…

Jim’s 60th…

Small repairs and paint the roof with reflective coating…

Golden State Judo tournament for Jim refereed…

Jessica 55th…

Ball game with cousin Josh, had a blast…

Up in the hills with Bob and Betsy Carpenter…

Jessica surgery for torn quad tendon…

Local iSushi 8th and SantaFe…

Working on color ideas for painting the building at 719 Mariposa (717 and 725 also)…


Got the wood trim sanded and caulked and sealed

Ideas for colors… BEFORE

AFTER, maybe?


Denver Classic Judo tournament is coming,  November around the corner.  We plan to head to MX right after the election… just joking…  Plan to head to MX in December to have boat bottom painted before cruising starts again.  Not sure where we are headed this next year… June in Croatia for a sailing charter with friends. The Dalmation coast should be a hoot…




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