Techie time

Thought I would add some techie bits for you guys missing this kind of stuff:

  1. How about a $150 sonar for the boat?:
  2. New gears for the Chrysler:
  3. A Internet wifi (IP) camera for the dojo:
  4. New key less entry door latch:

How about a $150 sonar (depth and fish finder) for the boat?:

SonarPhone T-BOX

We bought the Navionics Caribbean and South America charts on Jess’ IPAD when we sailed for Mexico in Dec. 2012.  Navionics has been upgrading the software with full fledged chart plotter capability over the last several months.  If you looked at the software a year ago and decided it was just a charting / planning package, look again!

So this last software revision has added split screen capability to allow a new sonar / fish finder capability.  And they link to sight for purchasing the hardware required it is only about USD $160.  The web page says it has 240 foot depth capability and you can mount the transducer inside in a fiberglass hull or hang it on a transom…   I think it is interesting at the price…   The unit is sold by and is $149.95 plus $10 shipping for the one you would wire into the vessel.  It is called the SP200 and it transmits wifi to an apple or android smartphone or PAD. The stand alone app is free and the Navionics software already will display the soundings in split screen…     

On svHajime we would have to mount it inside on the fiberglass hull, but our backup sonar is already mounted that way and it works great.  I’ve sent away for the instruction set for in-hull mounting to see if it will work in our vessel… maybe like this?


New gears for the Chrysler:

The speedometer works but the odometer doesn’t…  Searched that on the internet and found out that it happens quite a bit.  Enough so that you can (still) buy replacement parts and even view a video on how to change the gears in the dash mounted speedometer.  In the glove box of Dad’s 1991 Chrysler, there is a new tire contract from Tire Barn dated 2006 with the same mileage that shows on the odometer today!   On the video the process did not look too hard so we tried it and it worked.

use link inside “” if you want to see vid on replacing gears… “”

Looks like the auto makers went away from the old speedometer cable that was turned by the transmission and ran up to the dash to attach to the back of the speedometer.  For Dad’s 1991 Chrysler LeBaron sedan, there is a sending unit on the transmission and wires up to the speedometer and an electric motor in the speedometer with little nylon? gears.  The sending unit tells the little electric motor how fast to run and the gears turn both the speedometer AND the odometer unless a gear looses a tooth or two.

Also found out that pricing can be vary greatly, from around $75 a set of two gears, for the Chrysler gears, to the $27.50 delivered we found at:  Http://

Pulling instrument cluster and replacing, should have had a camera! ;-)

Photo of old gears showing missing teeth:


A Internet (IP) camera for the dojo:

Always wanted to try to put in a Dojo Camera, and thought that getting the signal  available through an in-house router to the net would be pretty difficult.  It must have been because there is an IP Camera solution out there called P2P.  Once you set-up the camera on your in-house router via Ethernet CAT5 cable connection, you can turn it out  to the net, unplug the Ethernet cable and have a wifi camera on your premises that you can access from a smartphone or PC anywhere…

If you want to see camera for a Denver Judo practice:

Download the view app, search for “APCamera”  on Apple or android apps stores and install on your PAD or smart phone…

Use this code to find our camera, leave the password blank:

P2P camera code:  MEYE-043179-FABAB

The camera powers on when ever the lights are on in the dojo, so only at practice times, see the practice schedule on the web sight…


 New key less door latch:

Found on for $50…  We had a lot of keys out for the dojo door and instructors have come into the dojo and found it open and lights on with no-one around.   So instead of re-keying the locks, decided to try a digital coded entry door latch.   So far so good… and we can change the “key” code for free next time!







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Colorado fun

Been doing all kinds of stuff with friends …

Gardens in Denver hosting:

CAM00336 CAM00339 CAM00341 CAM00355 CAM00356 CAM00358 CAM00364

Vail with Bob and Betsy:

CAM00390 CAM00397 CAM00401 CAM00374 CAM00375 CAM00378 CAM00380 CAM00382 CAM00386 CAM00388

And this last week in Colorado Springs at the IBSA World Judo Championships:

 CAM00405  CAM00409 CAM00410  CAM00413

CAM00421CAM00445 CAM00439 CAM00434 CAM00433 CAM00425 

Fin for now…

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Catching up…

My it has been a long time since my last post, June 01…  

What has been going on all this time?

I, Jim, left Jessica in Phoenix, a trial separation; ( Anything more than 37 feet is a “separation” after our last four years aboard svHajime )…   So I went to Denver and Jessica over to Palo Alto to visit with BJ and Frank Lockfeld… We flew!

For me it was the first weekend that Frontier Airlines initiated the new baggage policy where they are charging $30 to gate check anything that would not go under the seat…  It was a mess… The poor flight attendants even had to pitch Frontier credit card sales up and down the aisles of the plane instead of serving drinks…  My how things change!

I spent  couple weeks in Denver, visiting with Judo people and son, Andrew,  then off to see folks in Indiana.  Jess returned to Denver while I was gone and we reunited the end of June.

BJ Lockfeld passed away when Jess was on the Amtrak train heading back to Palo Alto and I went out the following weekend for the family memorial.  Jess did a couple trips out to Palo Alto and they held a friends memorial August 9. 

I have been working on a new hobby, dad’s old 1991 Chrysler LeBaron sedan.  My good friend John Rodden was did most of the work! It probably did not NEED all the things I’ve been doing to it, but here is the list:  

Photo of dad’s car looking over the San Rafael Reef in Eastern Utah:CAM00251


Front end:  struts, hubs, rotors, shoes

     Raybestos SGD524M Service Grade Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad SetDetroit Axle: Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly 513075 - 5 Lug (Pair of 2)

Rear end, Shocks, bearings, seals, 

Monroe 33095 Monro-Matic Plus Shock Absorber    Product Details


Head lights:  the original lights had a design flaw and collected moisture and yellowed terribly..  There was a recall in ’93 where they added air vents to the light housings to attempt to correct the issue… 

Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Replacement Headlight Assembly - 1-Pair


Speedometer, new gears so that odometer starts working again…

 Odometer Gears Ltd. W0133-1953689


Judo has been good here in Denver, it is great to see our judo friends and get to play with them.  Last weekend I hoped in the Chrysler and ran down to Pasadena, 1010 miles, foro the Golden State Judo Tournament.  It was a Referee evaluation event and I needed an evaluation to keep current on the USA Judo Referee roster.  Last minute decision…  It was a great event and I enjoyed seeing and working with my fellow referees.  All were helpful and by the end of the day, I had settled in and was working like an N1 again!

Jess got a new sewing machine ( I am jealous ) a Brother cs-6000i.  When it arrived she made the delivery guy wait while she opened the box to make sure it held a sewing machine.  The new machines are very light weight…  It was in there!


We put new ceiling tiles in the changing room area of the dojo, the old ones were yellow and cracked and holey and all, still need to brighten the steel tile support railings with a splash of paint… 

photo of typical drop ceiling… 

We put in new toilets for the dojo and residence upstairs, the old ones probably used over 2.5 gallons a flush and took a couple minutes to refill.  SO we found 1.28 gallon  “echo” toilets at Sam’s club for $89 ish each, got a $75 rebate from Denver Water each and updated! Alexis Dual flush toilets, and, they are working great!

Alexis High Efficiency Dual Flush Toilet



Jess and I are getting ready for a week in Colorado Springs to help out Heidi and Scott with the  IBSA World Judo Tournament Sept 01 – 07.


All that and the apartment above the dojo is mostly livable for us, We are still going through STUFF and making goodwill piles…

That kind of brings up to date.


Some photos:

Jess first fancy machine sewing project was a set of napkins using the one of the fancy machine stitches…


 Up the hill with Adam Annie and Graelin, ye ol Buck Snort …

CAM00085c CAM00068 CAM00069 CAM00070 CAM00071 CAM00075 CAM00084 CAM00086

 Golden State Judo, Pasadena, CA:

CAM00105 CAM00111CAM00107 CAM00108 




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Dojo looks good…

Been traveling!

We put the boat up in San Carlos, Sonora MX and have taken a bus to Phoenix May 27th, and then Jess flew to Palo Alto to see family and I am on the way to Indiana via Denver to see family…

Saw son Andrew in Denver before he headed off to a friends wedding back east, he looks and sounds good too!  So I have his Ford Ranger truck til he returns around the 9th of June.  Wheels, woohoo!

Jess says things are going well in Palo Alto!

I am staying in the Dojo for a week or so then moving into the old loft apartment above the dojo. I head to IN on the 12th, back around the 22nd of June.  Jess plans to return to Denver around the 16th June.

The yard hauling the boat did break a piece of fiberglass faring from the lower aft corner of keel.  So they are fixing that and then they will  moving the boat from the work yard to the storage yard.  Security is pretty tight in at Marina Seca in San Carlos, you will have a guard with you when you visit your boat in storage.  You can stay on the boat in the work yard and they have water and air hook-ups for working.   We will probably use a few days and paint the bottom before splashing again later this summer or in the fall when we return…  Had a through hull valve to change out, but nothing major was at issue when we hauled (knock on wood).


IMG_0844 IMG_0852


PS  – Been to one workout!  Great to see some of the club judoka!  Looking forward to seeing more!  Oh yes, not much exercise on a boat, so, OUCH!


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San Carlos…

We made it to San Carlos, Sonora MX.  The sailing last night was very nice, winds picked up his morning and we arrived both sails double reefed into San Carlos at around 5.0 knots…  Used about 8.2 hours on the motor (good ol’ George) maybe 4 gallons of fuel.  Winds all night were true direction about 110 degrees mag.

Found a webcam of our anchorage, we are just out of sight out in the bay around to the camera left…

This is a lovely harbor.  We will proceed to find a storage yard for the boat and arrange a schedule, then arrange the “how to” return to US.  Our visas are up 5/28/2014.

After Agua Verde we ran up to Candeleros (small) for one night then to Puerto Escondito to hide from some winds and provision in Loreto with svTraveler and svPassageII then to Puerto Ballandra then to Caleta San Juanico then off to San Carlos…  Mor hippity hop hop…


So some photos:Turns out if you take your fancy lure from the fancy lure store and put some raw hotdog on the hook you can catch, after a couple hotdogs, a gaggle of fishes.  Not sure what to call em, looks like a “sergeant fish” from my photo card…  But my my are they tasty!



If you zoom in you can see the night sharks?


Off for San Carlos…


Museum in Loreto:



Hotel in Loreto:


Taxi in Loreto:


Hajime in Puerto Escondito:


Shots from the hop and hop…






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Do you know the way…?

We left La Paz in Baja California Sur a couple weeks ago, I think?  We have been having a lovely trip up the east coast of Baja California, Sur.  I guess we have decided on hops of 15 to 20 miles a day in order to keep the motoring to a minimum.  We can usually make 18 Nm in under six hours sailing “anchors up” to anchors away”.  And some days we just stayed where we were.

Hippity hop…



La Paz to Punta San Lorenzo to Port Ballena to Caleta Partita to El Cardonal to Cabeza de Machudo to Isla San Francisco to Puerta San Evaristo to Pta San Telmo to Puerrto Agua Verde to Caleta Candalleros Chica to Puerto Escondito (inside)…

Some photos…


$100 peso for a couple langostino and a couple escallops…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Rocks…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Do leave your hat in the boat when you dive in to swim a bit… PICT0033 PICT0079_1024x768

We are now in Puerto Escondito, 14 miles south of Lareto.  We have bought 3 nights on a “certified” mooring ball, one of the 15 same such mooring balls in the puerto.  The word is that the puerto has let most them go to disrepair, however, has contracted for survey and repair of these moorings.  Out of the over 100 moorings floating all around the puerto there are around 15 that still have a grab line on a float, which seems to mean that it is been checked out by “Carlos the diver” to be in good shape???

When we came into the area, we picked up a mooring in the circular area just inside the entrance.  Dropped the dinghy off the bow of Hajime, mounted the motor, grabbed the garbage and the shower kits and came into the Fonature Marina office.  There we got 2 cold showers and dinghy dock privileges and garbage privileges for 30 pesos.

Walked up to the road, about 3/4 miles and  had second breakfast at a lovely resort restaurant.  (After showers and dropping the garbage, of course)  Continued a block to the Modelorama tienda and got some vegies and ice cream.  Decided to hold on the shopping for groceries til we get to Loreto tomorrow or the next day…


It looks like another 4 or 5 hops to Bahia Conception, spend some time up there, then over to the San Carlos area on the mainland.

For later, some links:,-110.89046&spn=0.009103,0.014613&z=16&source=embed&dg=feature


Located in Guaymas Sonora 12 miles away from San Carlos. Entering Guaymas before the Mc Donalds turn right on Ave. Benito Juarez. Follow Ave. Benito Juarez to the shipyards on the bay’s south side, turn left at sign “Parque Industrial” or take bus line “PARAJE” from 20th street

Marina Guaymas GPS coordinates: N 27 53.871′ W 110 53.512′


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La Paz or bust…

Maybe it is more accurate to say La Paz and bust?  Just a cruisers joke.  What broke this trip?

When last we posted, we were in the old Mazatlan harbor.  We then moved up the coast to Marina Mazatlan for a one night stay.  We got fuel, did a re-alignment on the motor to prop shaft skipped a couple other important issues on the “to do list” and headed out to start crossing the Gulf of California to FINALLY get over to the state of Baja California Sur and to the town of La Paz.  We are excited to see our great friends Liz and Alan on svVivacia!

Old Mazatlan harbor anchorage and El Faro (The Lighthouse):


Marina Mazatlan:


Leaving Mazatlan Thursday April 17, 2014 around 9:30AM here is a 3d image from Max Sea showing the route 245 Nm:

maz to la paz


Sunset and sunrise?


We were too busy to photo the next bits.  After an uneventful 40 hours or so, we got the the north end of Isla Cerralvo at about 3:00 AM.  There the depth goes from 500 ft to 50 ft and back to 500 or so…  The wind also swung from a nice beam reach to a bash, head on, and got up to around 30 knots.

So what on that “to do list”  turned out to important this trip?  The compass light was out, we knew it was out, we needed it!  When it’s 3:00 AM and you are bashing you need two hands just to stay in the cockpit of the vessel so when one is busy holding a flashlight on the compass so you can hand steer by compass because your auto pilot is not working because it has an intermittent short that only seems to happen when bashing into a 30 knot wind and 10 to 15 foot seas coming over the bow etc. etc. etc…

We did get a little nervous when the SOG (speed over ground) went down to zero and the  tachometer  still read the 2500 rpm we had been cruising at for the last couple hours.  But it turns out in those seas you need to bump the engine speed up a little in rpm and you can still progress.  We ran it up to 3000 to 3200 and started to do around 3 to 4 knots so we could get through the rough part of the pass north of the island.  We ran over to Bonanza beach on Isla del Espiritu Santo and dropped anchor on Saturday at sunrise about 8:00 AM and slept til noon.  The wind blew 25 knots out of the south most of the way from Isla Cerralvo to the anchorage.

lsal cerralvo

We were following, or ahead of, sv Cricket and sv Lotus the whole way and we all had our trials and tribulations.  Cricket got stung with one after another inconvenience:  jib furler line broke or broke a block, plugged fuel filter from the rough seas and stuff shaking loose in the fuel tanks and clogging the filters( lotus loaned them a filter wrench (on the fly) and they got  that fixed), beat their way through the 30 knot headwinds/seas at the pass,  got to Bonanza anchorage and while anchoring, lost power on the windless and fouled the propeller on a line that shook loose from their deck stowage during the night…  They did at the last minute set anchor in 12 foot of water and all was well.  We helped then free the line by diving on it using our air compressor/regulator system and a sharp knife the next morning!  Hey it works!


We left new friends at Bonanza beach around 2:00 PM and ran the last 21 nautical miles over to La Paz getting in around 5:00PM Sat April 19, 2014.  George ran GREAT!

Bonanza on Isla del Espiritu Santo to La Paz photos:


We took up residence in slip 210 at Marina La Paz where Alan and Liz were at dock (again) welcoming us into a another lovely marina.  Alan had run around and worked some kind of magic so we had a slip to pull into where there are NEVER slips available!  Alan is my hero!




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